Tuesday, November 24, 2015

This is Halloween

Another Halloween has come and gone.
This time of year always FLIES by.

Whit got to dress up for dance class.
She is Misty, a character from Pokemon...

without the belly shirt
and with slightly longer shorts. :)
I didn't think anyone would recognize her,
and she did have to explain to most people.
But it was fun to see that a few people
knew exactly who she was while 
we were trick or treating.

We had a wonderful time at the Fall Festival/Trunk-or-treat/Chili Cook-off.
C hung out with old friends.

And new ones. 

This was B's first year not dressing up.
Made me kind of sad.
He was good at passing out candy, though. 

I talked Andrew into wearing out knight and lady costumes again.
Any excuse for me to wear a fancy dress. 

We had great trick-or-treating weather on Halloween.
I took the girls around the neighborhood,
with C's best friend from across the street. 

The streets were PACKED like usual. 

Cars park bumper-to-bumper down our main parkway.

Most homes have a line of people waiting to get candy.

 But then we find little pockets of homes with NO ONE else there.

My friend's husband built this robotic skeleton.
It's eyes, head, and mouth moved.
And it could talk to you and answer questions.

Another fun holiday!
Love creating these memories with the kids.

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  1. I can't believe Brandon has reached the age where he is too old to dress up! AHHH! Time is flying by.