Sunday, November 15, 2015

Labor Day weekend at Hanging Rock

I talked the family into going hiking with me over Labor Day weekend. Yippee! It was a beautiful day. We just did a couple of short hikes. But they are gorgeous and we had fun getting our feet wet at the waterfalls, too.

Ready to hike 

Showing off her muscles (?) 

C quickly shed her jacket and got in the COLD water. 

B was not up for getting his feet wet,
so he just hung out while the girls and I
played in the water.
I think he was bored. 

We love waterfalls! 

And exploring the little streams they make. 

This was a cool little cove.
But a couple of people had their dogs in the water.
Which kind of grosses me out. 

Beautiful views. 

Patiently waiting while I took a million pictures. :)

I love little breaks like this to spend time together.

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  1. You guys take the most beautiful hikes. I marvel at the beautiful people and world! I love, love, LOVE the picture of Whitney and Caroline in the stream.
    Mom S