Sunday, December 4, 2016

Labor Day Fun

We had the BEST time at Labor Day. Heather, Trevor, and their family invited us to go boating with them. Trevor works with Andrew in the Stake Presidency and we have kids with similar ages, so we've been looking for a chance to hang out together.


 They keep their boat at Belews Lake, which is warmed by a power plant. The water felt amazing.

It's a good thing, because the air temperature was not so warm.
Notice the jackets on the girls.
It was chilly.

Brandon skied for the first time!
It only took him a few tries before he figured it out.

He looked good out there!

It was fun to watch Trevor and Heather ski.
They are awesome.

Whitney and F

J and Caroline

Whit had no interest in trying to ski,
but Care Bear was up for it.
She forgot to let go the first time she crashed.
But she tried again.
And figured it out!

And liked it!
She looked so cute out there!!

We parked the boat and had lunch.
They like diving off the boat for fun.

And they put in a fun rope swing that
the girls enjoyed.

I had fun taking some jumping pics.

This is their teenage son, D,
who is friends with Brandon.

I was not brave enough to go out on the tube.
B and Andrew went first.
I asked them not to be too rough on Andrew's back!

Then Trevor went out with B while Heather
crazily dragged them around the lake.
They are still smiling...


The girls had a fun and not-too-rough ride on the tube.

Yee haw!!

Cool pic of Trevor with the big splash behind him.

Even though Andrew hadn't skied in years, 
he picked it up again like a pro.

Heather is an amazing skier, too!

Marianne's family had a boat when we were teenagers,
so we skied regularly growing up.
But I hadn't tried in YEARS.

Took me several tries, but I finally got up.
I like going over the wake.

But I'm always scared to come back into it....

I wrecked SO HARD.
I was sore for days afterward!
My body apparently knows that it's not as young as it used to be.

What a great way to spend a holiday weekend. So grateful that Heather and Trevor invited us out on their boat. And we hope we can do it again sometime! 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

What September Looked Like

Andrew and I went on another beautiful geocaching date this month.

Greensboro is beautiful!

I love getting out to enjoy the fresh air and greenery.

This was the second year that Greensboro hosted the National Folk Festival.
I got to go twice. First Andrew and I went down for date night.
We listened to railroad music, a mariachi band,
country gospel, and Portugese faro.
I love most types of live music and thoroughly enjoyed the variety.

The next day, I took Whitney and L down and we heard


a Tibetan opera,

and got to watch a Peruvian scissors dance,
which was awesome.
Even when this lady decided to stand
right between us and the stage...

My friend, Bea, had a super fun fundraiser for 
the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation:
Whitney and I joined her and had such a good time
raising money for a great cause.

FHE activity:  Word on the Street

When we have early release on a Wed, 
it's fun to head to SPARE TIME for half price day!

General Women's Meeting of Conference.
Now that Caroline's 8, she got to join us, too!
A great, spirit-filled meeting. Loved it.

Whit had her bi-annual eye check-up
with her favorite Pediatric Ophthalmologist:

Dr. Buckley!

She has been visiting him since she was ONE YEAR OLD.
Here's a pic from when she was five and at the peak of her crush!
So grateful for all the help he has given to Whit over the years.
I hardly notice her Duane's syndrome anymore.
She is doing amazing.
And this was probably her last visit with Dr. Buckley.
He told us that he'll be retired before her next visit in two years. :(

After MONTHS of trying with no results,
I finally found an organization to volunteer 
with refugees.
Their storage facility is located in one of
the old textile mills near downtown.

I felt so cool as I drove through the facility.
It was different than anywhere I had been before.


September was the height of marching band season.

We took the girls to some of the games.
It was so fun!
And we had beautiful weather.

And the band sounded awesome!