Sunday, October 30, 2016

What August Looked Like

I'm trying to learn Spanish.
Along with half of my siblings.
We're using a program called Duolingo.
I practice every day.
(Even on the road trip!)
And I hit a 100 day streak in August.
So proud of myself. :)
Even with all that practice, I'm only 51% fluent.
Time to move to Mexico, I guess.

Our library had a super fun Harry Potter celebration.
We invited Rachelle, Shae, Harrison, and Landyn to come with us.

The kids chose wands.

Appeared in the Daily Prophet

Got a quick lesson on how to play a real-life version of Quidditch.

And even got to practice.

Made glasses and got scars.

Were sorted into houses.

Endured Potions class with a teacher who
seemed MUCH nicer than Snape.

It was so fun!
We loved it!

Andrew and I have been going on hikes and geocaching
for some of our weekend dates. I love it!

So peaceful.

This time we crossed paths with a turtle.

A TEENY tiny frog.

AND a beautiful blue flying object. :)

And we even found some of the caches we were looking for.

Zooreeka with Care Bear

One of Andrew's awesome co-workers sent him an
autographed Jim McMahon football helmet.
How cool is that?!

With KK at another fun summer reading program.

My friend, Chrissy, let us cat-sit for her ADORABLE kitten, Luna!

The girls had SUCH a good time!

She even took a little nap on Caroline's lap.
They've been pressuring me to get a cat ever since!
I told them maybe we can borrow another one for a day.
That was perfect.

Whit had her second pointe-shoe fitting.

New ones on the left, used ones on the right.
They really get worked throughout the year!

On the road trip, we saw license plates from 48 states 
and a few other countries. The only ones we missed
were Delaware and Vermont!

B got his driver's permit!

This is happening!
Hope we're ready for it.

This pic is so dark, but we had a fun little 
night at Bea's house with Laura and Martha.
Love catching up with these friends.

As kind of a last-minute decision,
I decided to send both girls to 
musical theater camp with Miss Shelley.
They LOVED it.
And got to put on a cute little production of
at the end.

Caroline was a mouse.
This was her first play and she did a GREAT job.
Andrew and I were impressed about how 
confidently she sang and said her lines.
She can sometimes be anxious and shy,
but not for this!

Whitney was one of the step-sisters.
She was HILARIOUS and is
such a natural on stage.


Trying to impress the prince.

Performing a dance with Cinderella

Finding out the slipper didn't fit.

Closing number.

Froyo to celebrate at the end!

The kids got us tickets to the Winston-Salem open for my birthday.

Andrew and I had never been.
We loved it.
I hope it becomes an annual tradition.

This is what school supplies for a third grader look like.

The kids and I took one more fun day trip to Raleigh before school started.
We went to another trampoline park.

It had a similar ninja course to the one we 
visited in Durham.

But they also had aerial silks.

Which the girls LOVE.
I think that's what Caroline wants for Christmas.

And we made a quick stop at a Chuck E. Cheese's, too.

It's going to be hard to let them go back to school!
I love having them all to myself in the summer.

Since they got to choose the fun things to do in Charlotte,
I talked the kids into going hiking with me at home.

It was a beautiful morning.

With gorgeous lake views.

And crazy rotted out trees.
And we almost lost Whitney.
But, we all made it home safely.
And we even found one of the caches we were looking for.

I had such a good time at the WS Open with Andrew,
that I decided to go back for the semifinals with 
two of my tennis teammates, Mari and Mary.

It's crazy how hard the pros hit the ball!

Our family friend, Carlos, got married in the Raleigh Temple.
Andrew and I got to attend the sealing.
Beautiful, special day.

We took the kids with us to the reception that night.
And included a mariachi band.
Loved it.

And before I knew it,
it was time to send the kiddos off to school!
C started third grade.
You can tell from her smile that she was EXCITED.

She got Mrs. D!
The same teacher she had for first grade!
Woo hoo!

Whit started 7th grade at her same school for the arts.
She is majoring in visual art and has
her best friends in most of her classes,
so is also excited for the new year.

B is starting his sophomore year.
He's taking his first AP class and is doing marching band
again this year. He's starting the year with some
trepidation, but is hoping it will be a good one.

And I'm starting my first year...
as early morning seminary teacher!!
We're studying the New Testament this year.

Here are my students!
Kobe, Savannah, Katelyn, McKenna, Ethan, and B.
Kaleb joins in by Skype, which is awesome.
I love starting my day discussing the scriptures with these kids!

A little sampling of Miss Whit's art skills.
She just sketched this up for fun one afternoon.