Saturday, October 22, 2016

What June Looked Like

B's hair flip captured perfectly. :) 

Care Bear's bday present from Uncle Mark and Aunt Taylor.
Perfect for a girl who IS nuts about climbing. 

Pretty summer sky 

Fun with phone apps 

C's last 2nd grade awards ceremony 

Heron in the neighborhood lake 

We love free ice cream at Chick-fil-A for summer reading. 

Andrew and I love playing Pandemic,
a totally nerdy game where you try to save the 
world from disease outbreaks. :) 

On our way to seminary graduation 

Fun with the hats at Target 

 Toll roads....ugh

 Shoelace factory

 Whit reenacting a photo from our first visit to Nauvoo. :)

She missed her daddy! 


  1. Cute fairy stump. Grandma needs one in her backyard! And I love the Whitney flashback!

  2. I had to orient myself in time to put you in June after the road trip. But I was able to and the photos are gorgeous. Love your "what.....looked like" posts!