Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Road Trip 2015: Andrew's family

We had a week to spend with Andrew's side of the family. While we didn't have an actual reunion, and not everyone was together at the same time, we did get to see everyone and loved spending time with them.

We went back to the trampoline park with the cousins.
They're a good lookin' bunch.

We spent a lot of time on the ninja course. 

 Andrew even tried it.
I think if he could go back in time,
he would NOT have tried it.
Or at least would have maneuvered differently.

Shortly after this photo was taken,
he fell on the slackline and bruised (broke?) his ribs.
He was in pain for WEEKS.

That slackline is tricky!

Bad timing on my shot,
but this is B and Reagan
doing synchronized flips into the foam pit.

We had perfect weather while we were there.
We drove up Hobble Creek Canyon
for a fun picnic.

I especially loved playing volleyball.
Or hitting the volleyball around while we stood in a circle
and made up challenges for ourselves.
"OK, everyone has to take a turn hitting it
starting at the oldest down to the youngest. Go!"


 Love taking in the beauty and sweet spirit of this special place.

Next time, we need to be sure to put
Grandma in front of B. :)

We listened to an organist play in the tabernacle.

Ethan departed for his mission in Pocatello, Idaho
while we were in UT.
So glad we could see him and say good-bye.
Due to health reasons, he was released from his mission early.
We are grateful for his willingness to serve!

Tried another escape room adventure,
this time with Amy, Dave, Jack and Brandon.
This was a little harder than the one in NC.
We made it out with only 3 minutes to spare!
(And with several hints along the way.)

Check out the gorgeous little reservoir that is
right up the road from Tony and Cindy's house:
Wow. Love it.
We enjoyed more perfect weather as the kids
played in that ICY cold water.
Grandma had enough air mattresses for each kid.
Twelve, I think!

B and Reagan get along great.
So fun to see them hanging out.

Same with Jane and Whit.

Fun in the sand... or mud.

Jane and W dug a hot tub.
Carly joined them.

Fun to chat with the adults while the kids played.

Since the water was FREEZING, I spent 90% of my
time in a comfy lawn chair.
At the end, I got brave and got in the water with C.
It was not so bad...once your legs were numb. :)

The three adorable seven-year-old girls!

Cindy fed us dinner afterward at their house.
We played the most HILARIOUS game of Telestrations.

And had an arm wrestling contest.

And sang along to Reagan on her ukulele while Andrew played the guitar.
LOVE that.

Up in in the mountains near Alta ski resort,
this is a popular late-summer hiking destination
with spectacular wildflowers are in bloom.
We joined thousands of other outdoor enthusiasts on the trail.
Our crew!
We walked down to get in line for shuttle.
But when we saw how long the line was,
Dave took matters into his own hands.

We piled 11 (?) people into his minivan
and he was our personal shuttle up the trailhead.

When the rest of our group made it,
what a treat we were in for!
Check out this breathtaking scenery:

It was unbelievable.
Loved every minute of it.
And at the tippy top you find a picturesque lake.

Reagan, B, and Tony went for a swim!
(They missed the "no swimming" sign posted nearby.)


Such a wonderful way to spend a day!
And then we came THIS close to running out of gas on our way home.

That means ZERO more miles until empty.
Good thing it was all downhill.
We made it. Phew.


The girls got shaved ice while drew and I were in AZ

We had several slurpee runs. Yum.

The girls love helping Grandma in the kitchen.

These cousins can SING!
Grandma loves to play the Sisters in Zion/Army of Helaman medley for them.
They seriously sound amazing.
Wish I would have taken a video!

We toured Sweet's candy factory.

Caroline, Andrew and I went geocaching.

Found some fun ones.

Awesome backyard noodle fight

Prepping for Sunday dinner.

Jessica and Tyler came over and we got to meet
their brand new baby girl.

So cute to see B holding her!

On our last night there, we had a big cousin sleepover.

What a glorious, fun-filled week! If we can't live near our family, we'll make all the memories we can when we're together!