Monday, September 7, 2015

We love Grandma Cuca!

Grandma Cuca came to see us! So fun! We flew her in to town to spend a week with us before we left on the road trip.

 We played lots of cards.

Visited the Science Center 

And went to a Grasshopper's game.

It was our lucky night because we ran into Kip,
who invited us to share his skybox with him.What?
Seriously? Yes, please! 

Caroline got a personal visit from Guilford!
She spent most of her time in this air conditioned suite
watching TV with Finley and Elijah. 

We also met Jayne and Tommy at the game and Kip
had enough tickets for them to join us, too. Loved it. 

The Hoppers won and we were treated to an awesome
fireworks show at the end.

Grandma showed off her reading skills to me.
She has been taking classes for the last several months
and her hard work is paying off. 

The girls and I joined Grandma for Saturday night mass.
The girls had never been.
It's fun and interesting to see how others worship
and build on our common beliefs.

We love spending time with Grandma Cuca and are so happy she could join us for another road trip this year.

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