Monday, September 28, 2015

Road Trip 2015: Arizona

This summer was by far longest road trip we've ever taken. We went EVERYWHERE. Our next destination: WINSLOW! The motherland. My hometown. Yippee!

It was my 20th high school reunion this year and I was excited to see old friend and catch up. My sweet, wonderful husband who had just flown into SLC from GERMANY agreed to come with me. Love that guy. We decided to leave the kids in UT because it was going to be a quick trip and they had already spent time with their AZ cousins while in Oregon.

I loved having Andrew to myself for the weekend,
especially since we'd been apart for the past two weeks.
 Stopped for lunch in Kanab, Utah at the Rocking V Cafe.
Wow. It was delicious. Gourmet. Really good.
And a bit pricey. But we were on vacation.

Also made a quick stop at Lake Powell. 

So beautiful!

We made it to Winslow just in time to change and head to the reunion.
Our class is kind of lame and not enough people would pitch in money to have
a nice we just met up at restaurants and bars and visited.
Better than nothing.

The first night, we met at Bojo's.
So fun to hang out with Marianne!
Still BFF's after all these years.

Patrick and Andrew were such good sports
while we chatted with old friends. :) 

Back row: Tara, Dana, Adam, Joey, Me, Hervey, Richard
Middle: Erika, Christie, Amanda
Front: Marianne, Amy, Veronica, Stephanie

Bojo's closes at 9.
We headed to Sonic after that and chatted more.
It's fun to see our high school friends as mature adults!
I still like them!

On Saturday morning, we took a tour of the new high school.
It's nice!

Mr. Griffith, one of our social studies teachers is still there.
He lectured us for old times' sake. :)

They have the five dot drill in the weight room.
Took me back!

We also went back to our old high school to take pics
on the front steps.
Hervey, Brian
Joey, Amanda, Shannon
Dana, Me, Amy
Christie, Adam
Stephanie, Erika, Marianne
Amanda, Ketonya

Mr. Griffith offered to let us see what the old building looked like.
I wish we would have said no.

Look at the awful shape it's in!

They left the honor roll posted in the hall.
Notice, Destiny Gerber made it. Woot!

After the depressing tour, we headed to the Root Beer Stand for lunch.
This counter is where I used to stand and call out numbers
during every lunch hour. Ah, the memories.

Classmates who had their families in town brought them along.

Andrew was introduced to the wonderful world of chili fries.

After lunch, we headed to the creek with Patrick and Marianne.

LOVE this place!
Wish B could have been there with us.

Glamour shot


Andrew even took a turn jumping. ;)

Oh, how my heart loves the desert.

That night, we had yummy Mexican food for dinner at Casa Blanca.
But I didn't take any pictures.
Had lovely visits with Christie and Dana,
two friends who I haven't kept in great touch with
and who have had awesome life experiences.

After dinner, we headed back to Mark and Taylor's 
to play some SEVEN WONDERS! Yee haw!
Mark and I have the same taste in games.
Love hanging out with him!
Billy came over and played with us, too.
Such a fun night. 

I woke up to THIS.
What a cute uncle! 

We went to sacrament meeting in Winslow.
One of my very favorite things to do.
So many familiar, loving faces.
So many people who influenced my life and
helped me become the woman I am today.

After that whirlwind weekend,
we said good-bye to Mark and Taylor
and their cute kids and headed back to Utah.

Grateful for Ang and Forr and Tony and Cindy and Andrew's parents for watching our kids.

It's amazing how quickly twenty years can go by!

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