Thursday, June 23, 2011

Texas and Colorado

We had time for a short visit in TX before we headed further west.
We had to stop at Harry's for the kids to get rodeo'd up.
Too bad it's so expensive.
We window shopped.

We broke a pinata with Susanna, Rick, and their kids.

Caroline loved Aunt Susanna's cool pogo swing.

Also had fun feeding the ducks at the Mill Pond with Olivia.

Then it was on the road again.  
Brandon rode with his Gigi back to Utah
so she wouldn't have to drive by herself.

The girls and Grandma Cuca and I took a more leisurely drive.
We went through Lubbock
and stopped at another science center to play.

Whit made some amazing bubbles.

Caroline got down to business.

Did I mention it was HOT in Texas?

I think it topped out and A HUNDRED AND NINE.
Very thankful for a good A/C in the van.

We stayed a night with Aunt Mary and then took off for Colorado.

We missed Brandon when Caroline decided she needed a potty break
in the middle of nowhere and we had to use the toilet at...
a race track!

We even got to see cars taking practice laps.

Our other fun stop:
The Garden of the Gods
in Colorado Springs.

This place is BEAUTIFUL.

And Colorado weather is MUCH cooler than TX.
It was perfect hiking weather.
And Grandma Cuca was up for it.
(Whitney wasn't as excited, but she's stuck with us.)

She warmed up to the hike as we went along.

Care Bear was a great hiking buddy.

Next stop:  Amy and Dave's
Cute cousins all ready for church.
Looks like we went with a blue theme.

Went on a fun bike/scooter ride/walk.

Uncle Dave helped out with Caroline.

Carly didn't want to be in her stroller, 
but was happy in her Mom's arms.

After a fun visit, it was time for my favorite day of driving:
crossing the Rockies!
But the weather wasn't cooperating.
It was pouring rain when we left.
That's no fun to drive in.
Eventually the rain stopped.

And it started SNOWING!!!
I road trip in the summer so I don't have to deal with this!

We're NOT in Texas anymore.

We froze our little tushies off at the fun outlets in Silverthorne.
The temperature extremes were crazy.
A couple of the gorgeous landscapes we enjoyed:


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Road trip 2011!

I look forward to our road trips all year.  And I plan along the way.  And it's a good thing, because this year we left on the road trip five days after we got home from Utah.  And we had to squeeze all the school stuff into those five days.  Sheesh.  It was crazy.

Ready to roll.

First stop:  Visiting Destinee and her kids in Asheville.
It was a short, but fun little visit.

Another fun stop:  East Tennessee Discovery Center.
 The kids LOVED it.
It was small, but very fun.
 We even got a planetarium show all to ourselves.

We stayed one night at Aunt Irene and Uncle Bill's house.
The kids visited their animal friends from last year.

There was a good reason for the mad rush to get out of town.  We were working on a surprise.  A BIG surprise.  This year is Grandma Cuca's 80th birthday and we had to get to Texas in time to celebrate.

In fact, we were the ones in charge of getting her to the party.  So we couldn't be late.  My kids missed the last day of school, but it was SOOOO worth it.  I don't know if surprised is the right word.  Grandma Cuca was absolutely shocked.  We had a fabulous party with just about every friend and loved one there.  Yay!

After the party, my fam headed out to some cabins to stay for a few nights.
It was the perfect time for a family photo shoot.
Andrew was the only one missing.

Grandma Cuca with all her grandkids and great grandkids

My family

Gigi and Grandpa with all their grandkids

Grandma Cuca with all her great grandkids

While we were there, we:

enjoyed the wildlife

swam and swam and swam some more.
It was HOT.
And the water was cold.

Mark went fishing.
Brandon watched.

went geocaching.
Found three of the four caches we were looking for.

went exploring on the Colorado River

 caught these teeny tiny frogs

had a blast hanging out with our cousins

These two sunbathed but did NOT want to get in the pool.

did crafts with Gigi.

Me and my four siblings live in five different states, so get-togethers like this are rare.  It was great to spend time with everyone.  I especially loved watching my little brothers and sister as parents.  They are awesome!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


I'm feeling kinda weird being away from Andrew on this Father's Day.  And I left in such a flurry that I didn't even plan any fun gifts or activities for him.  Slacker.  BIG thanks to Nicolle and Greg for inviting him over for dinner.  Steaks--that'll help ease the loneliness for sure.

I love having such a wonderful dad for our kids.  Miss you, babe!

Also Happy Father's Day to My Dad and Andrew's Dad.
We love you guys!