Wednesday, January 17, 2018

What December Looked Like

Downtown tree lighting
(Whit had a birthday party,
so missed out this year.)

Greensboro Christmas parade

Our favorite marching band

Andrew and I went to a performance of Handel's Messiah
for date night. It was beautiful. And long.
But we stayed for the whole thing.
(Last time we tried to go, years ago when we still lived in Utah,
we bailed at the first intermission.)

Our first puzzle of the season.

Said good-bye to Sister Cook, who got transferred.

You can't actually see it, but trust me.
It was snowing. :)

Gingerbread houses
We were happy Gigi and Grandpa 
could decorate with us this year.

Stake Christmas Music Program
Whit and I practiced for many hours.
We did two performances in one weekend.
The first one was just OK and the second
one went great.

Gigi and Grandpa got to hear us perform, too.

My favorite altos

Furnitureland South with my parents

Codenames for FHE

One of Whit's sweet students gave her a Snow Queen
ornament and an Arabian ornament. So thoughtful.

C's winter music program

Greensboro Symphony Christmas music concert.
This was our second year going and we loved it.

They had an aerial silks performer,
which Caroline loved.

We had friends with us this year.
Brandon left at intermission with Spencer.

Two of the long-haired men in the stake. :)

You never know who you'll run into at the movies.

Meeting the new sister, Sister Tebbs.
And we always love visiting with Sister Erickson

The Ballet Company got to take a day off of school 
to do performances at three local elementary schools.

B's band Christmas concert.

Last-minute GNO at Bea's house.
We found out that Laura had a tumor on her kidney
and wanted to get together to show our support.
(I had to go late after the band concert,
so missed actually seeing Laura.)
So grateful to have these lifelong friends in my life.
We put together a big collection of gifts for Laura.
Her surgery went well and we found out that her tumor 
was NOT cancerous. Hooray!

C's science presentation on Animal Adaptations.
The future marine biologist chose to study dolphins.
She did a fabulous job and got an A.

C's school Christmas party

The Ballet Company also got to take a field 
trip to Raleigh to watch The Nutcracker.
It was a gorgeous performance and
so fun to hang out with Whit's dance friends
for the day.

Temple date night!
Our temple will be closing for a year and a half starting in Jan.
So glad we could sneak in a trip before it closes.

Baking day!

Put together twenty plates to deliver
to friends and ward members.
And we even had a few left over to eat ourselves. :)

Christmas Eve after church

Our delicious Christmas Eve feast!
Crab legs (I even found some KING crab
legs at Aldi this year!), shrimp, Grandma's red jello salae,
corn, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, artichokes,
and homemade rolls. 

Sibling gift exchange

I LOVED this sketch that B did for Whit

Jumping for joy in our new PJ's

Enjoying every minute of this stage of our lives.

Christmas morning!

The day after Christmas, Ryan, Destinee and their kids came to visit!
We had so much fun playing games, eating, and hanging out.

The next morning, we went to Spare Time
and played laser tag and video games.

It was a short, but fun visit.

Finished our second puzzle.
This one is HARD.

We didn't travel anywhere over Christmas break,
but had fun here at home.

Went to our first Swarm game,
Greensboro's G-league NBA team.
Lots of fun.

Pres. Fischer's son got married.
We went to their reception in Raleigh.
We decided to go early and have some fun.
Visited the NC Museum of Art.

We didn't care for many of the modern art pieces.
But their classic and ancient art collections were fabulous!

Mosaic from the second century AD.

This statue was one of my favorites!

Ball court marker from ca 550-850 AD.

We also stopped by a trampoline park.
Andrew and I watched while the girls played.

Finished our third puzzle on New Year's Eve.
Harry Potter Christmas.

New Year's Eve was on a Sunday this year,
so we spent a quiet night here at home as a family.
We each got to choose an activity.
We played MarioKart, CodeNames, 7Wonders,
watched football, and watched Inside Out.
I love my family and am happy we could spend the day together.
Here's to a great 2018!