Monday, February 28, 2011

Out of the Mouths of Babes--February

2/1--At the dinner table tonight, Andrew and I were telling the kids about the old SNL skit "Massive Headwound Harry."  The kids thought it was hilarious and Whit came up with a new character, "Massive Armpit Harry."  I see potential there.  

2/6--Whitney's question of the day:  Why do they have a saying "cute as a button"?  I think buttons are dumb and dull.

 Much cuter than a dumb ol' button.

2/7--We were reading one of W's books today about winter animals.  I was questioning the information and said, "Polar bears can eat whales???"  Whitney said, "Yea.  Well, they have to have leftovers."

2/11--Caroline's compliments to me today included, "That shirt is cute.  You look adorable.  Just like me."

Thanks, sweetie, but I am nowhere near THAT adorable.

2/13--As church was ending, there were just two kids left in the nursery with me--Rachelle and my own sweet little Caroline.  I asked them to help me clean up before we left.  Rachelle listened and started picking up toys.  But Caroline just sat there watching.  To encourage her, I said, "Look at what a good helper Rachelle is!"  She responded by clapping her hands and cheering, "Good job, Rachelle!  Keep going, Rachelle!"

Future cheerleader.
Can also dance while eating an apple.

2/17--I was up in the bonus room with Caroline and we heard some strange noises outside.  She said, "That sounds like a coyote...or a dump truck."  I didn't know those two sounded anything alike.

2/17--Out of the blue, Care Bear told me today, "When I grow up, I want to be Viva Las Vegas."  Interesting.

 Maybe Cirque de Soleil will take her?

2/17--Now that we've had our little glimpses of warm weather, when we have even a semi-cold day, Caroline thinks she needs to get all bundled up, including a scarf and hat.  When she was done wearing them today, instead of cleaning them up in the closet, she hung them from doorknobs.  When I asked her later to clean them up, she told me, "No.  I'm decorating."

2/18--Instead of asking to play Hide-and-go-seek, lately Caroline has been asking us to play "Hide-and-go-eat" with her.  Sounds like a game for girls with eating disorders.  Or maybe just hungry toddlers.

I bet she wanted to hide-and-go-eat some of these
kisses when she was helping me make cookies.
2/23--I was changing Care Bear's diaper after her nap and she told me, "When I grow up, I'll change diapers."
I said, "You'll change your baby's diapers?"
She said, "No, I'll change YOUR diapers."
Thanks for volunteering, sweetie.  When incontinence hits, I know who I'm calling!


And since the big kids are outgrowing their funny sayings, I'm including bonus pics of their last week doing cheerleading and basketball at school.

Wooo--look at that jump!

Her cute little cheer squad.

She loves her medal.

The Tarheels.
Worst team picture ever.
Still working out the quirks as I figure out how to use my camera.  :)

Finding an open teammate.
Check out the coach in the background.

 Diving for loose balls.

 Trying for the fast break.

Sportin his medal.

I was glad that Andrew could help coach this year.
He hasn't coached since he's been bishop.
But we realize our days of parent-coaching with Brandon are numbered.
Just one more year of elementary school after this.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Taste of Spring

My favorite part about Carolina winters is when it doesn't feel like winter at all.  December and January were brutal this year.  Not compared to other colder places, but for US it was rough.  Thankfully, February is pulling through with a little preview of spring that we have LOVED.  Here is what we've done to enjoy it.

Rode scooters in the backyard while 
dressed in fairy princess finery.

Practiced jump shots.

 AND dunks.

 Played at the playground.
The swings were a favorite for Caroline.
Brandon secured his spot as her favorite
brother by giving her underdogs.

Check out that face!

Posed for pics on a park bench.

And more pics in a gazebo.

Yep.  It's official.  We're ready for winter to be over.  Sayonara.  Adios.  Buh-bye.