Wednesday, March 9, 2016

What February Looked Like

Our kids sure know how to make us feel good.
One Sunday we came home to this:
Awwwww.... so sweet. 

Superhero day at school.
Whit sewed this cape for Caroline.

C's new year's resolutions:
This new year I want to get better at rock climbing.
I want to get a husky,
stop biting my nails,
and most importantly I want to get baptized.
Great resolutions!
(Except the husky...sorry.) 

The Panthers made it to the Super Bowl!!
We were so excited!
I only got a picture of the healthy food at our family super bowl party,
but there was lots of junk, too.
 Unfortunately, the Panthers got KILLED. :(

Beautiful daffodils from a friend. 

Pilot had their annual Valentine's Daddy/Daughter dance.
I was in charge of the treat table for a while.
Miss Whit was my assistant.

We had another parent observation class for dance.
I love watching Whit progress in her dancing.
I didn't get many pics.

We also had the Stake Adult Valentine's dance.
LOVE it.

So fun to bust out our dancing moves once a year.

After five years, I finally updated our FHE board. :)
Kids grow up a lot in five years!

We taught Caroline to play 7 Wonders with us.
It's awesome!
We have been playing several times a week. 

And she already beat us! 

We decided to get rid of cable.
So sick of Time Warner raising our rates over and over.
Saving $70/month! Woot! 

Tiffany had a GNO at her house.
Moms and daughters were invited.
We painted nails, ate treats, and played games.
So fun. 

So glad the weather is warming up enough to get back
on out the tennis courts with my favorite opponent. 

FHE activity: Classical octet

Andrew is working from home now.
I love it!
We have lunch together most days.
Some days we can squeeze in a quick game of
Word on the Street.

Care Bear got to cash in on one of her Christmas gifts:
Lego KidsFest!
Andrew took her.

They had a great morning together.

Lego pit!
Sibling love:
Belaying one another. <3

We got a teensy glimpse of spring on the last Sunday in Feb.
Caroline took in the beautiful sunshine on an afternoon walk.
Can't wait for more of this!