Monday, February 28, 2011

Out of the Mouths of Babes--February

2/1--At the dinner table tonight, Andrew and I were telling the kids about the old SNL skit "Massive Headwound Harry."  The kids thought it was hilarious and Whit came up with a new character, "Massive Armpit Harry."  I see potential there.  

2/6--Whitney's question of the day:  Why do they have a saying "cute as a button"?  I think buttons are dumb and dull.

 Much cuter than a dumb ol' button.

2/7--We were reading one of W's books today about winter animals.  I was questioning the information and said, "Polar bears can eat whales???"  Whitney said, "Yea.  Well, they have to have leftovers."

2/11--Caroline's compliments to me today included, "That shirt is cute.  You look adorable.  Just like me."

Thanks, sweetie, but I am nowhere near THAT adorable.

2/13--As church was ending, there were just two kids left in the nursery with me--Rachelle and my own sweet little Caroline.  I asked them to help me clean up before we left.  Rachelle listened and started picking up toys.  But Caroline just sat there watching.  To encourage her, I said, "Look at what a good helper Rachelle is!"  She responded by clapping her hands and cheering, "Good job, Rachelle!  Keep going, Rachelle!"

Future cheerleader.
Can also dance while eating an apple.

2/17--I was up in the bonus room with Caroline and we heard some strange noises outside.  She said, "That sounds like a coyote...or a dump truck."  I didn't know those two sounded anything alike.

2/17--Out of the blue, Care Bear told me today, "When I grow up, I want to be Viva Las Vegas."  Interesting.

 Maybe Cirque de Soleil will take her?

2/17--Now that we've had our little glimpses of warm weather, when we have even a semi-cold day, Caroline thinks she needs to get all bundled up, including a scarf and hat.  When she was done wearing them today, instead of cleaning them up in the closet, she hung them from doorknobs.  When I asked her later to clean them up, she told me, "No.  I'm decorating."

2/18--Instead of asking to play Hide-and-go-seek, lately Caroline has been asking us to play "Hide-and-go-eat" with her.  Sounds like a game for girls with eating disorders.  Or maybe just hungry toddlers.

I bet she wanted to hide-and-go-eat some of these
kisses when she was helping me make cookies.
2/23--I was changing Care Bear's diaper after her nap and she told me, "When I grow up, I'll change diapers."
I said, "You'll change your baby's diapers?"
She said, "No, I'll change YOUR diapers."
Thanks for volunteering, sweetie.  When incontinence hits, I know who I'm calling!


And since the big kids are outgrowing their funny sayings, I'm including bonus pics of their last week doing cheerleading and basketball at school.

Wooo--look at that jump!

Her cute little cheer squad.

She loves her medal.

The Tarheels.
Worst team picture ever.
Still working out the quirks as I figure out how to use my camera.  :)

Finding an open teammate.
Check out the coach in the background.

 Diving for loose balls.

 Trying for the fast break.

Sportin his medal.

I was glad that Andrew could help coach this year.
He hasn't coached since he's been bishop.
But we realize our days of parent-coaching with Brandon are numbered.
Just one more year of elementary school after this.


  1. Caroline is such a crack up these days. Loved that she cheered Rachelle on instead of helping her and Viva las vegas! ha ha ha. What a funny girl.

  2. Great stuff! Caroline was on a roll this month :)

  3. I think Cirque de Soleil should take her. She looks pretty comfortable upside down on the bar!

    Only 1 more year of elementary? Wow!

  4. opened this up and now can't think of anything funny or witty to say. what a waste of a comment... :)

    like the new blog - very pretty!

  5. NOT DENNIS: Whitney with her medal, Brandon b-balling, Care Bear unwrapping chocolates looking little a 30-year-old - and those are just the pictures. Thanks for keeping the wheels of life turning :)
    Grandma S

  6. aw, I'm so glad that you'll be covered when that pesky incontinence hits, heehee :) Great post, as usual!