Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ugly Sweater Party

My friends, Lori and Patti, threw an ugly sweater party a couple of weeks ago.  It was so much fun.

Shelley and I hit Goodwill.
And we got the ugliest sweaters we could find.
But apparently not all thrift stores are created equal.
Because there were some REALLY ugly sweaters out there.

 When everyone arrived, we had an ugly pageant.  We had to walk the runway, tell a little about ourselves, and answer a question for the judges.
 Patti working it.

Notice the sleeves.  Oops.  It shrunk a bit when I washed it.
Lori is stylin in a blue floral motif.

All the lovely ladies in our not-so-pretty winter wear.

The top three winners.
They totally deserved it.

Deborah's sweater was easily my favorite.
I'm trying to picture who really wore this at some point.
And I can't.


  1. What a fun party :)
    with some seriously ugly sweaters!

  2. my bruise is FINALLY healing. finally. man, i really ate it! all in the name of reese's chocolate.

    thanks again for the invite, even though i'm a non-facebooker.

    but i had a dream about facebook the other night. weird, right? i can't remember the details...

  3. So, I'm thinking Deborah's sweater belonged to Bill Cosby back in the early '90s. Those were some seriously ugly sweaters sometimes...

  4. That is so fun. I want to do this next year. Hilarious!

  5. Barbara, not Dennis: Hey, I think I own one of those sweaters and wear it all the time :)

  6. That is too funny. Yours actually looked good and I can't think of anything that you'd wear to make you look ugly. Love, Normal Mormon Aunt Julie