Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lessons in Art

Now that basketball and cheerleading are over, it was Whitney's turn to choose an activity.  I found a local artist who teaches art classes in her home.  W was pumped!  There's nothing like art supplies to get that girl excited. 

Here she is with her teacher, Ms. Bettini.  
It looks like they coordinated outfits!

Once a week, Whit gets to join a few other kids in Ms. Bettini's studio for lessons.  They choose items from her shelves which are full of knick-knacks and toys.  Then the students choose what medium they want to use:  colored pencils, oil pastels, watercolors.  And they get to work.  Ms. Bettini takes turns working with each student, giving pointers and teaching techniques.  It is a little slice of heaven for Whit and she giddily looks forward to every Wednesday.

When we picked her up from her first class, I was surprised to see the objects she chose for her painting:
(click to enlarge)
A dalmatian puppy (very normal),
a plastic bunch of grapes (semi-normal),
and a skull.  (What????)
Even though the content was interesting,
I thought her finished product was really good!

And here she was, set up for her second work of art:
Teapot, apple, teacup.
Much more typical for a six-year-old girl.

And check out the finished product:
I love it!
I especially like the shadows.

I'm so happy we found Ms. Bettini and Whitney can enjoy this time developing her talent.  Can't wait to see what other masterpieces she creates. 


  1. Wow Whitney! That's some really good stuff. I even liked the skull.

  2. What an great idea! So fun! You know, skulls are pretty popular right now. Maybe Whitney's more hip than her mom. (-:

    That second picture with the shadows is great! I need some help painting Room Doodles, is she available?

  3. What talent! Maybe she can be an illustrator for children's books.

  4. Amix--maybe she can do a part-time gig on our road trip this summer. :)

  5. Buy that girl a smock and beret - she is an ARTISTE!

    Wow - so impressed - way to go Whit!!
    Grandma Sweat

  6. Whoo hoo Whit! Those look great!

    Your fridge is going to look awesome with all her masterpieces on them (Or where ever you're putting them) :)

  7. She's got a great eye for art!

  8. How cool! I need to get Grace into something like that, she would love it! Oh and buy the way, she has been drawing skull and cross bones a lot Whit is not alone :)

  9. You've got an artist on your hands. Love it. NMA Julie