Tuesday, March 8, 2011

[Almost] Forgotten February Fun

I was a bit of a blog slacker in Feb, but didn't want to let these memories go undocumented.  So here is a random collection of updates.

*Puzzle queen.  Caroline has become obsessed with puzzles.  She spends the majority of her free time putting them together.  That means she's going to be good at math, right?  There's my prediction.

This is a girl who can concentrate.
And she is not easily frustrated.
At least not by puzzles.

She did all of these herself.
And check out that sassy look she's giving me.

Well, shut my mouth.
It gets even sassier.

*Caroline's haircut.  Care Bear has reached the stage where she HATES having her hair combed.  It had become a nightmare for both of us each morning.  So, we both decided it was time to cut it.  

This is my attempt to show how long it was before.

 Here are her little curls that have fallen on the bathroom floor.

And here's the length after her chop.
We took off a couple of inches.
I was nervous.
I cut Brandon's hair.  And Andrew's hair.
I don't cut little girl hair.
But she didn't want to go to a salon,
so I figured I'd give it a try.

She looks happy with the results!
And the trim has *helped* but not 
resolved the morning tangle battle.
Maybe we'll take off more?

*School Valentine's Dance--Every year, the kids' school holds a parent/child Valentine's dance.  They have the younger grades in the early evening and the older grades party way into the nine o'clock hour.  So, Andrew and Whitney got dressed up in their fanciest dance attire and headed to the school gym.  Andrew told her he would dance with her as much as she wanted and she could dance with her friends if that's what she wanted to do. 
Well, this is one Daddy's girl who wasn't about to let him off the hook.  The dance lasted an hour and a half, and I think she let him rest for three songs.  I got comments from several moms in the following days about how cute the two of them were and what a good sport Andrew was.  Wish I could've been there with my camera, but Andrew's probably relieved I was home with Care Bear and B.

As soon as they got home from tearing up the dance floor, Brandon and I took off for our turn.
Usually we dress up, but this year he requested that we go with casual clothes.  I wasn't about to argue with that.  We had a very different experience than Drew and Whit.  B's best friend was waiting for us when we got there and I hardly saw him for the rest of the dance.  I did get to jump in two line dances with them, but other than, he spent his time running and jumping around with his friends.  While I chatted with other moms on the sidelines.  We each had fun, but it wasn't much of a date.  I think B's favorite part was when a member of the PTA told him to go get seconds and thirds on treats because they had LOTS of leftovers. 

*Lamest Valentine's Day Ever--Good thing we had fun at the school dance, because the night of the 14th was not the funnest night.  Poor Andrew was sick.  Really sick.  With the flu.  Yuck.

When he was writhing on the couch with chills, our cute kids collected every blanket they could find in the house and piled them on him.  It helped, but he was stuck at home feeling yucky.  So, the rest of us went out to dinner at Wendy's.  Yippee?  And, of course, stopped at Chuck E. Cheese's.

The kids had a blast.
I missed Drew.
Then we couldn't find a babysitter for the rest
of the month to make up for the failed holiday.  Boo.


  1. haha! that last picture is so silly & sweet!!!

  2. Love the puzzle pics :)

    I just had to have my girls hair cut for the same reason. We went really short with Anna and it has helped sooooo much!

  3. That picture of Drew and Whit for the V-Day dance is so dang cute. (Yes, Drew, I called you dang cute.) Sorry he was sick on actual Valentine's, though. At least you were able to get a little love from Chuck! :-)

  4. Love those sassy looks from Caroline. And if you ever need a babysitter let us know! Finley loves to play with Carecare as he calls her. And the others can tag along too.

  5. Macy went through the same puzzle stage about a month ago. It was really cute, but she would only do them right by the front door.

    Good job on Caroline's haircut!

  6. Care Bear has such pretty hair!
    Those flaxen curls flow everywhere.
    Thanks for the awesome pictures of the fun Valentine dances too!
    Grandma S

  7. Caroline does have beautiful, long curls. I loved daddy-daughter dates when I was a primary girl. I'm enjoying the notion of 6'6" Andrew dancing with little Whitney. NMA Julie