Monday, October 24, 2016

What July Looked Like

My shirt



Awesome piece of art in the BYU Museum of Art.

The apartments where Andrew and I lived
for several years while we were at BYU
and when we had little baby Brandon.

I can't understand why a KID'S IRONING SET 
would be on CLEARANCE! :)

The cheapest gas we saw on the road trip.

We came home to tomato plants full
of yummy cherry tomato goodness!

I was shocked to find this at our local target.
How many NAU fans in NC???
How many people have even HEARD of NAU in NC?

Our pumpkin plant was so big and pretty...
but no pumpkins to be found :(

I hired C to pull weeds between the flagstones.
She did good!

Lego afternoon at the library.

C built this dunk tank.

She also got to cash in on her birthday-gift pony ride.

She LOVES horse back riding and is saving her
money for another ride.

Sweet Josephine's, a local bakery,
celebrated Harry Potter week at the end of July.
They went ALL OUT.
Own posts address to Privet Drive

Flying keys

Look at all those delicious goodies!!

Polyjuice potion 

Olivander's Wands

Golden snitches

We got Deathly Hollows, Polyjuice Potion,
Harry Potter Birthday Cake, Sorting Hat, 
Chocolate Frog, and Butterbeer.
Sooooooo delicious!


  1. I am still craving those butterbeer cupcakes! They were the best!