Thursday, November 5, 2015

A New School Year

We had absolutely NO time to get back into a routine before school started. It just started! We missed all of the open houses and just had to show up on Monday morning and hope for the best.

Here we go! 

Caroline started 2nd grade.
Her teacher is Ms. Hawks.
One of her best friends from church is in her class.
If you can't tell from the giant smile,
she's excited!

 Ready to get to work!

After school, she has started rock climbing classes
like her big brother. She climbs once a week. Loves it.
Her strong little muscles get put to good use on those walls.

Miss Whitney started 6th grade at a magnet middle school
for the arts in a neighboring city.
She is so creative and musical and can't wait to 
have a greater emphasis on those strengths in her education.

After school, she continues to dance with Miss Shelley.
The big change this year is that she'll be dancing EN POINTE!
Eeeeek! She's been anxiously awaiting this day!

She was measured 

and asked to plie 

and, eventually, try standing en pointe.
So pretty!

Can't wait to see her progress as a ballerina this year!

And this big kid is a Freshman!
A high schooler!
But kinda cool, too.
He is making the teenage years enjoyable for us so far.
He goes to our neighborhood high school.
Didn't have any interest in researching magnets.
They only have four classes this first half of the year.
He's taking Spanish, Honors Civics, Honors Biology, and Honors Band.
(Did you know there was such a thing as Honors Band? I didn't.)
He is making a really smooth transition into high school and likes it.
I'm so glad!

He is staying busy.
First big change:
This is what it looks like outside at 5:25 am
when we leave the house every day.
I am SUPER proud of B for making this sacrifice.
He gets up every morning without complaint.
(I can't say the same about myself.)
He's awesome.

He is also in the marching band.
He missed band camp this summer, so had A LOT of catching up to do.

I hadn't been to a high school football game in twenty years!
Here's a little glimpse into what they sound like.

AND he's rock climbing once a week.
Which he LOVES.

And I am serving as a VP for the PTA at the elementary school.
That's a first for me.
I had some hesitations at the beginning,
but am really enjoying it right now.
I like the rest of the leadership team.
We get along well.
And it's fun helping out at the school.

The other big adjustment for me is that I've become a mom taxi.
I spend at least an hour and a half in the car EVERY DAY
driving the kids to and from school and activities.
I like having time with them all to myself.
I just wish Whit's school was a little closer.

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  1. Looks like showing up on Monday morning and hoping for the best worked out great for you! It's fascinating to read about the different experiences each of the kids are having this year. Full steam ahead on the mom taxi!
    Grandma S