Thursday, November 12, 2015

Ward Talent Show

We LOVE the ward talent show. I was looking back at last year's post and saw that I was the RS president during the last ward talent show. Ha! Seems like so long ago!

Brandon was gone to a football game for marching band. Caroline had stage fright. That left three of us to perform!

Whitney played the piano. She is such a good memorizer. She played several songs from her piano books with no music to look at. So proud of her!

Andrew and I did a duet.
He played the guitar.
I played the piano.
And we both sang.
Andrew rewrote the lyrics to
"Say Something."
The audio is so bad.
We only had one mic between the two of us.
I'll include the lyrics after the video.

 Hey, Lakefield, this is a song for you (HLTIASFY). 
It's cheezy, but this is all we could do. 
Very best ward in the church it's true. 
Brother Heap writes doctrine in books. 
Sister Redwine's as sweet as the treats that she cooks. 
Sister Gay gives hugs that are warm. 
Brother Palmer can help with your pedigree form. 
The Fields have a tractor that you can use. 
Brother Crenshaw makes copies, yes this is true. 
But lest we leave any doubt...we'll help you move in. 
You can move yourself out! 
We'll give the code for the gate if you ask us to. 
Our ward boundaries never end. 
Ran out of gas seeing Sister Friend. 
Hey, Lakefield.

And a few pictures from the our other talented ward members:

Such talent!
Grateful to know and love all these wonderful people.
And to share this fun evening with them.


  1. You guys are the best! Love your song and your family. You are a big part of what makes Lakefield so great :).

  2. Loved this! You guys are wonderful and talented!
    Mom S