Friday, November 20, 2015

Dance classes

Miss Shelley has a couple of parent observation days each year. Andrew and I LOVED catching a glimpse of all the hard work Whit is putting into her dance classes this year.

First was pointe class
Those are W's calf muscles on the left. Nice!

I haven't learned how to speak ballet yet,
but for this move they had to hold a paper
between their thighs and make it across the floor
without dropping it.

W did it!


She is also taking a Ballet III class and hip hop,
but I wasn't able to observe those ones.
Her newest class is MUSICAL THEATER.
She LOVES it.
Here's a little snippet of her solo:

And a couple of still shots:

What a fun class!


  1. The post I've been waiting for!! 😊
    You don't have to be a ballet expert to see what I've been telling you - that W is one of the best in her pointe class. Look at that first picture. Look who's feet are the most up on top of her shoes. Look who's arches of the foot are the most pronounced. That's all the evidence you need.
    Beautiful pictures!!

  2. PS - bourré. That's the name of the paper-between-the-thighs move. :)

  3. Whitney is so gracefully gorgeous! I love these. She may be the first ballerina who will also sing the lyrics while she graces the stage.
    Love to all!
    Grandma S