Tuesday, December 1, 2015

What October Looked Like

Semi-annual Girls/Kids Night In
during the priesthood session of General Conference
The 11-yr-olds, rocking sweet mustaches 

Snuggled up together watching conference,
one of our favorite weekends of the year! 

I've been changing things up in the kitchen,
trying new recipes involving much more 
veggies and natural foods.
They are more time-consuming,
but I'm enjoying them so far.
(Wish I could say the same about Caroline--
she HATES the changes!) 

She'd rather eat McDonald's chicken nuggets every night! :) 

During homecoming week, B dressed up a couple of times.
I think this was superhero/villain day. 

 For Caroline's class, I work on Math Facts with the kids.
I LOVE it.
I go in twice a week and am working with the kids on 
memorizing their addition/subtraction facts.
She had super cute classmates.

They built a brand new Field and Stream store
right up the road from us. Look at this awesome display! 

And all these flies!
(Dad...want to come visit?) :) 

We had a fun little shopping adventure there. 

I never know how Caroline is going to fall asleep.
This pose cracked me up. 

This summer, I signed the family up for an adventure
race in Durham called Questival, sponsored by Cotopaxi.
I was SOOOOO excited!!!
And then, two weeks before the race, I got an email 
from them letting me know that it was CANCELED!!
Not enough interest.
I got a sweet water bottle as a consolation gift.
Love that thing. 

The marching band participated in UNCG's homecoming parade.
It was fun to watch them.

We finished up our Gate City fall tennis season.
Deb was my partner almost every week.
Love playing with her!
We went 5-3 on the season.

The team finished 6th place out of 12.
Back row: Mariann, Me, Amy D
Front row: Troyce, Amy L, Louise, Sandra, Mary 

We had a fun luncheon at the end to celebrate the season
and thank Mary for captaining us.

Erika and I headed up to Richmond to attend Time Out for Women
I got to sneak in a quick dinner with Amy before the event. 

It was wonderful,
as always.
Great speakers and wonderful music.

They had an Indian festival downstairs 
where we had lunch
and dressed up. :) 
The three hours in the car up and back were just as
fun as the conference. Loved all that time to chat with Erika.

A piece of Caroline's school work.
"If I were a superhero, I would
have a power to make flowers.
I would help others by if someone
was sad I would give them flowers.
My superhero name would be

Crazy hair day at school

Super fun GNO in Martha's Secret Garden with
Laura, Diane, Bea, Martha, me, and Amy 

Double date with Michael and Shelley to Brian Regan in Durham.
Great company, but slightly disappointed in the show.
Brian's not as funny as he used to be.
His opener was better than him. 

The downside of Whit going to her magnet school, 
is she rarely gets to see her elementary school besties.
She LOVED having time to hang out with at L's bday party.

 Connor and Aubrey got married!
We met Connor years ago when he joined the church as a teenager.
We have LOVED watching him grow into an amazing young man.
They asked Andrew to say a few words at their reception.

The coolest part was participating in their traditional
Scottish dance before the reception began.
It was awesome.
Here are a couple of snippets,
including bagpipes.


  1. I look forward to visiting that store. Is it like Cabelas or Bass Pro Shop? Looks like it. Love your pics.

    1. It reminds me of those stores, Dad, but not as big. And it is just up the road a mile or two! Can't wait to take you there.

  2. Oh wow - your October would make my "What my entire Life Looked Like" pale in comparison! Loved everything. And the bagpipes! I used to dislike bagpipes and now I love them. Funny. and I think I could even do that dance! That's wonderful that you're able to help with math. I bet they love you!
    So do we!
    Mom S