Monday, December 28, 2015

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Oh, December is a fun month!

To kick off the Christmas season, we went downtown for some fun community events. First was the tree lighting and Christmas festival.

The streets were PACKED.
So fun to share this event with so many people. 

There were fun musical performances along the streets. 

We thought  B would fit in well with this low brass group from UNCG.

We got to roast marshmallows. Yum.
And then then the girls and I got to do line dances like 
the electric slide and cha cha slide. So fun!

The next day was the Christmas Parade.
It was a beautiful, sunny day.
We chose to get there right on time (instead of early),
which meant we didn't have a great view...
but that was OK.
Grand Marshall, Miss Babe Ruth,
the bat dog for our minor league baseball team. 

 The giant balloons are always fun.

I wouldn't touch you with a thirty-nine and a half foot pole. 

Just about every middle and high school in the surrounding counties
sent their marching band to the parade.

 A&T's is amazing and so fun to listen to.

And after listening to seventeen other bands,
we finally got to see our favorite:
I always end up on the wrong side of the street from B,
but still managed to catch a couple pics of him. 

Their teacher didn't have them rehearse any Christmas songs.
So, they looked festive, but were playing the same songs they
play at football games. Hilarious.

Another fun family tradition is to drive around Sunset Hills
where they have all the lighted Christmas balls hanging in the trees.
Again, we had unseasonably warm weather, so we took a little walking tour.
I wish the camera could capture the magic of this neighborhood.

Even though the weather feels more like spring, we are definitely getting into the Christmas spirit.


  1. I think your ball pictures are pretty impressive!

  2. This is Barbara. It looks like I'm signed in under Dennis and just noticed as I went to post this. So don't get excited, it's just me :-) I can visualize those ball pictures too - they must be amazing. Loved sharing all the magical things you do at Christmas and throughout the year. B is so tall!
    Grandma S