Friday, January 1, 2016

Christmas: Church events

We planned a family trip to the temple in Raleigh with Brandon. Carolyn and Dan watched the girls while we went. The church building that shares a parking lot with the temple had a huge nativity event going on that same evening. Carolyn met us there and we saw beautiful and creative nativity sets from all over the world. Awesome.

A few of my favorites:

Perler beads--isn't that a great idea? 

And this quilt was GORGEOUS. 

Grateful for good friends like Carolyn 
who serve us. The girls love her! 

And so grateful for the temple and that we could 
share a sweet evening with Brandon there.

Whitney and I have been busy, busy, busy singing our hearts out with the stake choir in preparation for a BIG concert this Christmas called Silent Night, Holy Night. It has been exhausting and wonderful. Caroline also decided to perform in the children's choir.

We couldn't take pictures or video during the event,
but it was beautiful and elaborate with Victorian carolers,
a small orchestra, and actors portraying the writers of many
familiar Christmas carols.
I was so glad that it all came together so beautifully.
I loved sharing my testimony through song.
And I was so proud of the girls for how well they sang.

My favorite part was looking into the audience on opening
night and seeing so many friendly, familiar faces!
I invited LOTS of friends and several of them accepted.
Tonya and her family, Jennifer and her family, and Belinda all came.
It felt so good to have some fans in the crowd. :)

And, finally, our ward also had a small Christmas program.
The primary sang an angelic song.
And Brandon was one of the shepherds.
(But he managed to avoid the camera.)


  1. Music makes Christmas come to life. I am so grateful you and the girls got to participate in that spectacular concert. The picture of the three of you could be a Christmas card! Wish we could have seen B as a shepherd. Love to all!
    Grandma S

  2. The nativity event is a great idea! I might have to use that.
    Too bad you couldn't film the concert, but you girls look beautiful in front of the Christmas trees.