Friday, January 29, 2016

Spotlight 2016: Whitney

Miss Whitney
11 years old

Something in 2015 that...

*you saw or did that was awesome: Lindsey Stirling concert

*you'll remember: Christmas:  getting tickets to Wicked

*scared you:  Being in so many dances in my recital

*you're good at: The arts:  dancing, singing, playing the piano, and painting

*you're proud of: Getting en pointe this year

*made you happy: Spending so much time with my family and extended family

*you learned:  To never vacuum up legos

*made you laugh:  Caroline talking in her sleep

*was silly:  Me and Jane making a remix to Taylor Swift's Romeo and Juliet

*was exciting:  Going to DC on the 5th grade field trip

*you earned, won, or accomplished: Doing six dances in my recital, 3rd place in the school spelling bee, memorizing all the articles of faith and cutting Bishop's tie

Something in 2016 that...

*you wish you were better at:  ELA

*you wish you could buy:  A new pair of pointe shoes

Hobbies:  Reading, drawing, dancing, singing

Something you like about school:  Its theme of the Arts

Something you don't like about school: ELA

A job you might want when you're older: Dental hygienist

A pet you wish your mom would let you have:  A turtle

The most important thing you do:  School


Restaurant:  PF Chang's

Sport:  I don't really like sports, but I guess basketball

Book:  The whole Harry Potter series

Candy or other treat:  Butterscotch candy or peppermint ice cream

Color:  Teal

Movie:  Harry Potter 1-4 and Star Wars 4-7

Animal:  Chinchilla

Snack:  Apples, especially Honeycrisp

TV show:  My Little Pony

Place:  Home

Season:  Fall

Meal:  Haystacks

Song:  none of them

Game:  Hide and go seek

RANDOM FACT:  I broke both my arms when I was younger.


  1. I had no idea she was nervous last year. And that picture at the end just about killed me.

  2. Chinchilla - and those dance photos are gorgeous! They will keep me in screen savers for the whole week - one each day. XO
    Mom S

  3. Oh, Miss Whit! You are awesome!