Saturday, January 23, 2016

What December Looked Like

Caroline won first place in her division
in the Reflections arts program.
Woo hoo! Following in Whitney's footsteps.

Her painting: My Imagination and Me

Whit's domestic skills blow my mind.
She knitted this scarf for a friend's
Christmas present.

All these amazing musicians made All-County band from Ragsdale.

A piece of C's schoolwork.

B and I worked the concession stand
a couple of nights to earn money for
his band trip to Disneyworld
coming up this spring.

It was a balmy December.

Not every day we get to drive next to a Lamborghini

Miss Whit won 3rd place in her school spelling bee.
Way to go!
We couldn't keep straight faces to take a selfie together!

Andrew's Christmas gift from his boss.
He must have been good this year!

Rick, Amy, and their cute kids made a quick stop
on their way to Florida.

They were our upstairs neighbors when we were first married!
So glad we're still friends.
We could have stayed up all night chatting with them.

Cupcake flavored toothpaste???

Andrew's new favorite shirt

Whit is doing so well en pointe!




The Stake RS Presidency gave me the coolest gift:
Gold (chocolate coins),
Frankincense (sugar scrub),
and Myrrh (bath salts).

C and I went to a Christmas party at our favorite
local used book store. We were the ONLY ones there.
It was a little awkward.

We headed to Charlotte during Christmas break
to watch a Hornets game.
So much fun.

Hornets tickets are expensive!
Especially when you're buying FIVE. 
We sat in the nose bleeds.

And we scored free Hornets beanies!
(What every family needs when it's 73* outside.) 

Care Bear randomly does pull ups on
objects that are the right height for her.


  1. You guys have been busy. It looks like you made your way to the scholastic warehouse one day :). I love their book tree!

  2. Love the pics. I'm thinking we can expect January happenings next week, right?