Monday, February 1, 2016

Spotlight 2016: Brandon

14 years old

Something in 2015 that...

*you saw or did that was awesome:  Going to Disney World for Spring Break

*you'll remember: Starting rock climbing

*scared you: Having Dad break the laptop

*you're good at: Video games:  Hawken and Mirror's Edge

*you're proud of:  Surviving in high school

*made you happy: The road trip

*you learned:  The difference between a diploid and haploid cell

*made you laugh:  Our family

*was silly: The Panthers losing to the Falcons

*was exciting:  The Panthers going 15-1

*you earned, won, or accomplished: Climbing the speed wall in 6.2 seconds

Something in 2016 that...

*you wish you were better at:  school

*you wish you could buy:  an actual computer

Hobbies:  Video games, rock climbing

Something you like about school:  My teachers were good my first semester of high school

Something you don't like about school:  Projects

A job you might want when you're older:  I want to work at Gamestop

A pet you wish your mom would let you have:  Just a dog, I guess

The most important thing you do:  Take out the trash


Restaurant:  Chick-fil-A

Sport:  Basketball

Book:  Harry Potter

Candy or other treat:  Cookies

Color:  Blue

Movie:  Star Wars--all of them except 1 and 3

Animal:  Pygmy marmot

Snack:  Goldfish

TV show:  I don't watch TV

Place:  Utah

Season:  Summer

Meal:  Spaghetti

Song:  Don't have one

Game:  Portal

RANDOM FACT:  I'm going to learn how to play trombone.

[Can I tell you how happy it makes me that B will still answer spotlight questions for me? He's the best 14-year-old boy guy! Love him!]


  1. It's just so much fun to learn these things about the kids, especially when they're so far away. Thanks for doing this.
    Mom S

  2. I love that the most important thing that he does is take out the trash! ha ha ha!