Monday, February 22, 2016

Spotlight 2016: Andrew

Something in 2015 that...

*you saw or did that was awesome: Going to Nuremberg, Germany for work and having dinner in the basement of a castle that was several hundred years old.

*you'll remember: Watching Andrea graduate from BYU.

*you want to forget:  My entire year of work going from a big restructuring in April, to completely changing our front-end product development process in July, and then the biggest restructuring we have EVER had in November. It was one of the most demanding, stressful, and difficult years I have ever had at work.

*scared you: Riding the Tower of Terror at Disneyworld with Brandon and Whitney. Even though it took an hour waiting in line to get to the ride, I still didn't realize the ride was a sheer vertical drop. It was terrifying.

*you're good at: Going on tennis dates with my hot wife.

*you're proud of:  The successes of my family, whether great or small.

*made you happy:  Playing competitive tennis for the first time in my life. It was so much fun to be part of a team and to compete again. I had been inactive with competitive sports for so long because of my knee and back problems, that it made me happy to compete on a team in a league again.

*was exciting:  Watching the Carolina Panthers go 15-1 in the regular season then advance all the way to the Super Bowl. (even though it was played in 2016.)

*you earned, won, or accomplished:  I won my fantasy basketball league championship!

Any other notable changes/events for 2015:   I got a promotion at work and moved into a director role, supporting two of our global businesses. Andrea's graduation from BYU. I lost over 20 pounds. 

Follow-up from last year's hopes:
Win my fantasy basketball league.
Watch Andrea graduate from BYU.
Enjoy having one child in high school, one in middle school, and one in elementary school.
Have good health.
Have the Panthers win the super bowl.
So close!
Find out that I really enjoy competitive tennis leagues.

Hopes for 2016:
Win my fantasy basketball league.
Finally enjoy BYU football again.
Get comfortable in my new role at work.
Let the Lakers get the #1 pick.
To see significantly improved home teaching across the High Point stake. (Pres. Baughan assigned this to me.)

Something you like about your job:  That I am now working from home.

Something you don't like about your job:  The amount of information I have to try to keep straight in my head.

A job you might want when you're older: Fantasy basketball blogger


Restaurant: PF Chang's

Sport:  Football

Recent reads:  Grey Mountain by John Grisham (I have a complicated relationship with Grisham. I keep thinking each of his new books will rekindle our relationship. And then they don't.)

Candy or other treat:  Peanut M&M's

Color:  Blue

Movie:  Napoleon Dynamite

Animal:  Cat

Snack:  Pistachios

TV show:  NFL Football

Place:  The beach

Season:  Fall

Meal:  Crab legs

Game:  7 Wonders

RANDOM FACT:  I drive a Honda Element because it was the only vehicle I could find where I could sit up straight and not hit my head on the ceiling.  


  1. Yay and Hip hip Hooray! I love these spotlights Andrea. Can't wait to read yours!

  2. You lost 20lbs? Wow! Good job. Please tell me you lost it by eating more ice cream at night to keep your metabolism going.