Thursday, February 4, 2016

What January Looked Like

Whit and I got to cash in on her Christmas present:
We LOVED it.
Soooo good. 

Loved sharing a spectacular night with my girl. 

I made a couple of trips to Charlotte this month.
At B's school, during finals week,
they have an extra day off as a finals make-up day.
He and I took the day to head to a climbing gym
that has a speed route.
The orange ones that are shaped kind of like duck's feet
make up the speed route.
He's hoping to try competing in speed climbing,
so this was good practice for him.

The next week, all the kids were out of school,
so I took all three kids back to Charlotte.

They climbed. 

We stopped at IKEA for lunch and to pick up a few things.

And then the girls played Magiquest.

Skate night 

GNO at Martha's!

January = YM basketball season

Our ward team STRUGGLES.
We're trying to help B enjoy the game without
getting too upset about getting DESTROYED every week.


I am LOVING my mixer.

It has helped me FINALLY make good chocolate chip cookies.
I've been trying for 18+ years. 

The city plows the main street in our neighborhood... 

but not the street we actually live on.
So we didn't leave the house for 3 1/2 days.
I loved it. :)

Elf Spaghetti!
We had Sister Lawin and Sister Miller over
after Christmas to recreate the spaghetti that
Buddy eats in the movie, Elf.

 It was gross.

C can climb the rope!
I could never climb that thing. 

FHE activity: playing with play-doh 

Post-choir concert celebratory frozen yogurt 

Andrew has been a Panther's fan ever since we moved here.
The rest of the family has jumped on the bandwagon
now that they are going to the SUPERBOWL.
Can't wait!! 


  1. January looked like so much fun! Can hardly wait to see what February will look like.

  2. Brandon has a head of hair on him, that boy! Thanks for sharing all of these photos and commentary with us! Yay for January being over!!!
    Mom S