Wednesday, December 23, 2015

All County Band

Brandon tried out for All-County band again this year. We didn't even have to bribe him! (I guess his teacher said it was a requirement for the higher level band that he's in.) Since he's a freshman, he was told that his chances of making it were slim, but HE DID IT! He was third chair euphonium out of the whole county. We were so impressed!

He got to miss two days of school to rehearse with the rest of the band, and then they had a concert the night of the second rehearsal. I just recorded a couple of little snippets so you can get a taste of how good they are. You can't see him. The low brass is over to the FAR right.

B's High School rocked All-County Band.
Look how many kids made it from his school!
Definitely one of the best-represented schools.
So proud of B-train.


  1. Wow! They sound great! I think it's awesome that Brandon's doing band, I have a lot of great high school band memories.

  2. Didn't Brandon want to be in percussion but it was full or something like that? Who knew he would end up playing a euphonium! That's really impressive that he made it as a Freshman. Their band sounds divine. Great times>
    Love, Grandma Sweat