Monday, December 21, 2015

What November Looked Like

Whacky tacky day at school
Whit rocked it.

It cracked me up to see this in the clearance section.

Had a fun Sat afternoon with Caroline and R at the science center.

My favorite part: the giant shark tank

I've been reading this out loud to the girls
So fun. And such a good book.
We were especially amused by Laura's corn cob doll, Susan.

Whitney and the Activity Day girls at church made this quilt
and donated it.

Whit was awarded A/B honor roll and Outstanding Science 
student for the first quarter.

Andrew's birthday!
The girls helped me bake him a yummy chocolate cake.

Birthday boy!

So happy to celebrate with him!
It has been a great year.

W made him the most creative card,
complete with pop-up numbers.

One of his favorite gifts:
a new Panthers shirt.

Someone at Michael's has a twisted sense of humor.

Veteran's Day flags in Jamestown.

We had great fire-pit weather in November.

I LOVE our Camellia! 
When all the other plants are dying,
it bursts into bloom. So refreshing!

I've been trying new foods in the kitchen.
Like salmon fillets. Aren't the grill lines pretty? 

And homemade bread. YUM!
(with help from the bread machine.) 

Nov was stake conference.
My sweet friend, Stephanie,
participated in a panel discussion during Sat night's session. 

My first big PTA assignment: Reflections Arts Program.
We had SIX submissions (out of 700+ students).
These are my judging evaluating the submissions.

We shared another wonderful holiday with
Chris, Tiffany, Ben and April. 

My favorite: the pie buffet! 

The beautiful cooks!
Tiffany, Janny, me, Tara, and April.
(Plus Andrew, who made our turkey,
but didn't want to be the only man in the pic.) 

We had TWENTY-THREE people this year. 


Turkey bowl!
I love football! 

We skipped out on Black Friday shopping.
 Decorated for Christmas instead.

Ahhhh, watching football with the soft glow of Christmas lights.
I LOVE this time of year!

Celebrated the end of marching band season with a banquet.
These are all of the freshmen.
Brandon is the only one NOT in percussion.


  1. Thanks for the post! Love seeing what everyone is up to!

  2. The My Space for Dummies book and the Michaels picture both made me laugh!

  3. This has been a busy month! Love reading about everyone's activities and seeing all your photos!
    Mom S