Monday, June 2, 2014

What May looked like

May flew by! Holy cow!

Audrey went to prom and invited us over to see her in her dress.

And meet her cute date.


Teacher Appreciation week 

Early Mother's Day gift from the girls...
chocolate covered strawberries. So good. 

You can take the girl out of gymnastics,
but apparently you can't take the gymnastics out of the girl. 

Field day!
So fun.
And my voice is still hoarse from all the yelling.

B's spring concert.

 He was recognized for making all-county band.

There's nothing like holding a brand new baby.
We had a great time meeting baby Tiana. 

The girls were SOOOOO excited when Daddy got home
from his long weekend in Utah. 

Eco-friendly Lady Liberty? 

That's a LOT of red!

Grasshoppers game!

Care Bear got to see her teacher, Ms. D! 

And we ran into our friends.
There was some early rain during the game,
so there were plenty of empty seats and we
got to sit by each other. 

Celebrating Margo's graduation with friends. 

Guess who made it out to the tennis courts for the first time since surgery?
(And he STILL beat me, even though he doesn't have full range of motion yet.)

Ward Campout

Wow--what a month! No wonder it flew by.


  1. May looked beautiful, delicate, lovely, spontaneous, hilarious, handsome, pretty, cute, colorful, spirited and awesome. Thanks for the photos. Love the flowers!
    Mom Sweat

  2. Camping in May? Luckeeee...