Friday, May 23, 2014

Brian Regan

When I heard that Brian Regan was coming to Durham, I got tickets. But that was like six months ago. And it seemed to take forever to get here. But it finally did! Ultimate date night. Woo hoo!

It started off as a bit of a fiasco. I wanted to eat at Cheesecake Factory. So we left really early. But that place is always so stinking busy, that even leaving REALLY early wasn't early enough. We didn't have time to eat there. But we didn't realize that until we had already taken the exit and drove into the ridiculously crowded mall parking lot. It took us half an hour just to get out of there. Sheesh.

We headed to downtown Durham to find a place to eat. It did not go well. Our GPS led us to a couple of places that sounded promising...but were closed down. We found a place called Dame's Chicken and Waffles that was within walking distance of the show. Not exactly what I was craving, but we were desperate by now, so we decided to give it a try.

Nope. They had an hour and a half wait. Really? Those must be some dang good chicken and waffles. As a last resort, our GPS found a McDonalds that was 4/10 of a mile away. That doesn't seem far. Unless you're wearing cute wedges that are still kind of new and not really broken in and are killing your feet! Then 4/10 of a mile seems VERY far. But we were hungry.

So, we found a little picnic table on a street corner where I took a seat and waited for Andrew to hustle over to the golden arches and bring us back some grub.

In retrospect, this was not a smart idea. Downtown Durham is not the safest place for a young (or not-so-young) lady to hang out by herself in wedges that would make it difficult (or impossible) to run from a threat. Luckily, I only received one cat call from a passing car and was safe until Andrew got back with our dinner. It was no Cheesecake Factory, but at least it stopped my stomach from growling like an angry pit bull.
Our romantic McDonalds picnic dinner. 
Ahhhh...this is the life.

After lovely meal, we strolled (limped?) down to the 
Durham Performing Arts Center (DPAC).
It's a gorgeous theater, the same one where I watched Mary Poppins with Becca.
The show was hilarious. 
Both Brian and his opener cracked us up. 
It felt so good to laugh until my face hurt.

Afterward we made our way back to the mall madness so I could get a piece of cheesecake heaven. I already had the taste in my mind and just had to get it in my mouth. We managed to nab a sweet parking spot. My feet were grateful. We went through the normally quick to-go line and still waited twenty minutes to get our hands on this:
Scrumptious Oreo deliciousness. Mmmmmmm. So, so, good.
Oh, and a couple of other pieces to take home with us
in a cooler
in the backseat
for my Mother's Day dessert. 

Grateful for date nights, good babysitters, and this fun guy
to share adventures and cheesecake with.


  1. Oh the dirty Durham. That is why you don't go there at night time :).

  2. I would have loved to seen the look on a cat-caller's face if he'd happened to open his mouth when your six foot (what is it?) six husband comes around the corner with vengeance in his eyes and McDonalds bags in his fists. You can't tell from looking at him he's recently undergone back surgery. Glad the show was fun though. And it's always more memorable when something goes wrong. :-)

  3. Oh man, you are movie star McDonald's customers! Andrew with grey hair some day will be a whole new kind of handsome!
    Mom and Dad S

  4. So now, whenever we take your picture, we should say "Say CHEESEcake."?

  5. We got to see Brian Regan last year before we moved, absolutely loved his show! Sorry your date didn't turn out like you planned, stupid Cheesecake factory, I hate how they don't take reservations. Looks like you made the best of it though :)