Saturday, May 3, 2014


For the past couple of Easters, we have been out of town, traveling for spring break. This year, we had a pretty quiet one here at home. Both ways are nice, for different reasons. It was obviously more relaxing and easier to get everything ready here at home. But I missed spending time with Christian and Mandi's family (which we've done for the past couple of years). And now they're moving back out west. We'll miss them! And might have to add an extra leg on to our road trips.

It was raining on the day before Easter, so we had our Easter egg hunt inside. We were a little disappointed...until we thought of all the great hiding places inside the house. We made it extra challenging for the kids, which was fun...for us.

Does this candy look familiar? 
Birthday party leftovers.

It was great to be in our own ward for Easter Sunday, too.
And we got to sing a song we loved with the choir.

And after church, the kids got to play with these...

super cuddly baby bunnies.
What a fun Easter treat.

We took some pics in the backyard in our Easter finery.
(minus Brandon's tie...he apparently can't wear it for an extra ten minutes)

We colored Easter eggs.
Paas let me down this year.
I used vinegar like I always do, but the colors were not very vivid.

We spontaneously invited Michael and Shelley and their kids to join us for Easter dinner.
So fun.

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  1. Cute Easter pics! Brandon must get his tie aversion from Grandpa Sweat. :-) Here in MN we almost always have to have our Easter egg hunt indoors because there's snow on the ground, but this Easter it was actually nice!