Saturday, May 17, 2014

Celebrating Retirement

It's interesting to watch our parents getting older. My parents have been very indecisive over the last few years about when they were going to retire. (Or at least they it was hard to get a straight answer when I'd ask them.) Andrew's parents, on the other hand, have both known the DAY that they would each retire for years. Andrew's mom reached her milestone a year and a half ago. And as Andrew's Dad's big day was approaching, we thought it would be fun for Andrew to fly out and surprise him to celebrate.

I forgot to send a camera with him, but here are a few pics I stole from Amy's and Mom's blogs. (Thanks!)

Amy and Forrest traveled in, too.
And, of course, Tony and Cindy and their kids were there.
Angie was sorely missed. 

Andrew had such a great weekend with his family.

 These four went golfing.

Andrew's back couldn't handle a full round of golf yet.
He was happy to drive the cart and spend time on a gorgeous course.

He did feel comfortable enough to shoot a couple of the par 3's and loved it.

They had a big family dinner. 

All of the kids and grandkids contributed memories
and Mom put together a book for him. 

They also spent lots of quality time in the man cave watching the NBA playoffs and ate at a yummy Mexican restaurant. From what I hear, Grandpa is LOVING his first couple of weeks of retirement. We're looking forward to a visit from them next month!

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  1. Hip Hip Hooray for retirement and to you all for helping pull off a great celebration for dad!
    Mom S