Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Science Center

I love kindergartners. I have spent many hours volunteering with the kids in Caroline's class and they are just the cutest little bunch of kids. I jumped at the chance to chaperone their field trip to the science center. We had enough volunteers that I was only in charge of Caroline and two of her little friends. So fun!

The giant aquarium is so relaxing.
I could just stare at it for minutes...
if the girls would hold still that long.

Animal class

First time petting a skunk.
They're surprisingly soft.

Baby gibbon.
LOVE him.

Petting a snake.

Our kids' school is VERY regimented...
so many rules, everything is so orderly.
A little too orderly for my taste.
One of the things I love about field trips:
The kids can relax and be themselves and have fun!

And flirt with each other??? What?
Do you see his arm around C?
This is kindergarten, buddy.

The parrot got a BAD diagnosis from Dr. Caroline.

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