Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mother's Day

I'm so lucky to have a day honoring my chosen profession! I find joy in motherhood and learn from my kids every. single. day. I love my mom, Andrew's mom, and Grandma Cuca for all that they have taught and continue to teach me. And for their examples of love and service. And I love all my women friends who help me be a better mom and who help mother my kids, too.

Annual Mother's Day photo shoot

My cutie patooties

Me and my hottie

Yummy breakfast in bed

Care Bear gave me a manicure.

I was showered with gifts,


and laughs.

AND I got to eat that second piece of cheesecake we'd brought home. 
Another wonderful day.

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  1. Gorgeous Mother's Day photos. What a grand tradition!! I especially love the one of you and the kids in bed. XOXOX
    Mom S