Sunday, June 8, 2014

Raleigh Field Trip

In fourth grade, Whitney has learned all about North Carolina: the state symbols, the different geographical regions, and how the state government works. So, it makes sense that the big fourth grade field trip is to the state capital, Raleigh. I got to go with Whit this year. Another fun field trip.

They really pack in the action for this field trip. First stop: NC Legislative Building...

where they roll out the red carpet for you...
but don't let you actually walk on it.
You can walk next to it and admire the plushness, but don't touch.

We saw Governer McCrory and his security detail walking by
when we came out. We yelled and got him to wave at us.

NC Museum of History

Listening to a presentation on butter churning. 

Right before our tour of the Capitol Building
With the statue of the three US presidents from NC.
Any guesses on who they are?

I had to google it because I'm not in 4th grade:
Andrew Jackson, James K. Polk, and Andrew Johnson.
(Although it sounds like none of them had real strong NC ties.)

The end of our tour of the Capitol Building.
Our nice tour guide is Gov. McCrory's big sister.

 And, lastly, the NC Museum of Science

GIANT shark jaw.

So glad Whit got two of her besties in our group.
They are both SO quiet.
Nothing like me, Marianne, and Monika at that age.  

Yay for field trips!

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  1. Way fun! We had to wait until 8th grade for a field trip to the state capitol!!!