Wednesday, June 18, 2014

End of school festivities

Our school year is over. Finally! It's hard to get on facebook and see all of your friends' kids getting out a month earlier than you...but we made it to the end. Woo hoo!

Caroline finished kindergarten.
They had a program at school.

Kindergartners are so darn cute.

Then they had a little "graduation" in her classroom.

High five for Ms. D

Caroline and B,
who won't get to see each other all summer.

with Mrs. B, the class assistant

She will miss Miss D terribly!

Whit's class had an outdoor class party.
They did a paper plate relay that reminded me of a Survivor challenge

Played jump the river.
(I didn't know Whit had such good hops!)

Hula hoop relay race


With T and K, two of her besties from class this year.

Water balloon toss

And water balloon fight.
Whit also had a fabulous teacher this year, Mrs. R.
Hope the girls get good teachers next year, too!

Brandon had an assembly at 11:45 on the last day of school.
I wish they could have scheduled it earlier!
I was hoping to take the kids out after a half day,
but we decided to attend the assembly and take him out after.

Seventh graders lookin spiffy.

B got an honor roll and an Award of Merit in Science.

You can catch a little glimpse of his teachers here,
Mrs. B and Mrs. L.

We are ecstatic that summer break is here! We have fun plans and I know it will just fly by, but we're going to enjoy it.

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