Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Caroline's Birthday

Caroline decided to rock out at Chuck E Cheese's for her birthday again this year. In the past, I've had preschoolers or summer birthdays there, so I have them during the middle of the day when the place is dead. That wasn't an option for my big kindergartner, so we had it at 4 pm. We happily discovered that CEC is also abandoned at that hour. Yippee! We had the place mostly to ourselves for the first hour. So much fun for C and her friends.

C usually prefer store bought cakes, but told me she wanted a 
homemade one this year. Well....she'll never make that request again.
Look at my birthday cake fail!
It looked so pretty when I finished, but didn't travel well.
I'm glad C got to see it before it cracked.
(Wished I would've taken a picture first!)
We tried to push the two sides together.
But only made it worse.
Oh, well. It tasted pretty good.

Rockin' out on the balloon guitar.

Happy birthday to you!

Trying to catch tickets in the blaster.

So happy we could all be together on C's special day.

After a couple hours of fun and games,
we headed home for present time!

Love her expressions.

Happy birthday, sweet Caroline.
We love your smiles, giggles, muscles,
hugs, drawings, stories, and curls.

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