Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My birthday

I had another birthday. I still like them. I feel like some people my age start to dread birthdays, but I love an excuse to celebrate and (so far) I don't mind getting older and even seeing little signs of aging. (Like the nice white hair I found on the top of my head on the morning of my birthday! What? Where did that come from?)

I treated myself to the first pedicure of the season.

Andrew took me out to lunch at Pastabilities. Love that place. 

We had dinner at home with the kids.
Followed with Cheesecakes by Alex.
Oh. my. scrumptiousness.

I recently got a smartphone and was complaining about how
it's too big to fit in my pocket. The kids were listening and bought
me this perfect little cross-body purse to keep it in.
I use it all the time. They did a great job!

And Drew got me a certificate to go ziplining! Woo hoo!
(Caroline doesn't look so excited about it...)
I've never done it. Can't wait!

The birthday festivities continued throughout the week.
Bea hosted a Girls' Night at her house.
It was an intimate gathering,
just Martha, Bea, and Me.
We had SUCH a great visit.
And Bea made us a delicious dinner. 

And birthday crepes for dessert. 
Seriously? I'm spoiled. 

The next night, Mary watched the kids.
 There was a baptism at church that night, so the kids looked spiffy.
(And Brandon let me cut his hair for summer! 
A little shorter than he wanted, but he looks so good!)

Andrew and I headed up to Raleigh to the temple.
We hadn't been since his surgery in Dec.

 Such a peaceful, relaxing little getaway.

Yea, birthdays are great. 
Too bad I have to wait another year for my next one.


  1. Happy Birthday! No wonder you still like them, it looks like you had a lot of fun!

    And I love Brandon's short hair.

  2. What a fun birthday! I love that photo of you and Andrew.