Sunday, June 15, 2014


Caroline has been working hard in her ballet and tap classes this year. We couldn't wait to watch her perform in her recital!

Miss Shelley's dance studio keeps growing. The recital was in a cute theater downtown. 

B-train helped hand out programs.

Caroline anxiously awaited her turn with the makeup artist.

She tapped to "Happy."
Love the happy yellow costumes. 

Her class has a wide range of ages.

Cute finish.

Here's a video for Grandmas and aunts who live far, far away.  :)
Caroline is on the far right of the screen.

Her ballet class danced to "For the First Time in Forever."
They wore gorgeous "Anna" dresses that the girls LOVED.
Oh, and me, too.
Here's a video of that dance. It misses the first few seconds.
It's hard to see which one Caroline is.
When they break off into two groups, she's in the group on the right of the stage.

And some still shots:

So fun to watch Care Bear dance.
Grateful for a wonderful teacher in Miss Shelley. 


  1. Thanks for sharing the videos. Some interesting choreography. The still shots are keepers.

  2. So cute! Loved her costumes, too :)