Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Picture a Christmas

*Christmas Eve
This is the first year that I remember the kids wrapping gifts themselves.
Whit gave one of her stuffed animals to Caroline.
And B-train gave me some awesome origami creations.
Without any encouragement from parents.
LOVE it.

 Goodies we shared.

Christmas cards

Christmas Eve dinner

On the menu:  shrimp, artichokes, mashed potatoes,
yams, Grandma Cuca's red jello salad, and
chocolate toffee pie.

The Nativity
Joseph, Mary, and the donkey

 The angel

The shepherd was sore afraid.

*Christmas Day
Pure excitement

Jumping for joy

A few of the fun gifts
Lite Sprite--all five of us have had fun with this one

B's Phiten necklace

The girls' dollhouse

Gorgeous sunrise

 Automatic candy dispenser.
We already finished that entire gigantic bag of Skittles.

B's new bike.

It was a fun-filled, happy, relaxing Christmas.  The big bummer was that Care Bear got sick--running a fever and complaining that her ear hurt.  She and Drew had to stay home from church.  They missed out on some beautiful music.  But she's doing better now.  And we're enjoying this week together here at home.


  1. Glad you guys had a fun Christmas! Your dinner sounded delish. So sorry Care bear got sick. Fin did too :(. And still is! We are 2/3 for being sick on Christmas!

  2. Your kids have always been the best at being super super excited for presents! Love B running full speed into the room and C jumping for joy!

  3. Great pictures. Like your casting of the Christmas Eve pageant, donkey and all.

  4. Looks like you had a good Christmas, I love your Christmas pageant :)

  5. Oh what a delight! Like you said, you look happy, fun-filled and relaxed. Well, the kids look downright giddy too! Thanks for sharing some of these moments with us!