Sunday, January 1, 2012

Out of the Mouths of Babes--December

12/1--The girls had some funny thoughts to share during Disney on Ice tonight.
When the stepsisters make Cinderella cry by tearing her dress, Caroline leaned over and said, "Just like I cry a lot of times." 

When Cinderella's prince came skating out, Whit said, "He looks like daddy!"

Andrew on ice?

We LOVED seeing Maximus come out onto the rink.  Caroline giggled and said, "Horses don't wear ice skates!"

12/2--Caroline came into our room this morning when I was still in bed.  She climbed into bed with us and made the announcement, "Mommy, I want to grow up today."  I thought that was so cute and was curious what she was going to do with her new grown-up status.  "I'm going to be a hygienist."

 Lesson one:  sugar consumption can lead to cavities.

12/4--Care Bear is learning a song at school that teaches her the days of the week.  She was singing it today, "Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, March and April...."  Still working on that one, I guess.

12/5--Whit is in the midst of an economics unit at school right now.  Part of what they study is the difference between wants and needs.  We were discussing this and C pitched in, "We need energy.  We need real bodies.  We need eyes."

12/6--Speaking of wants, C told me today, "I want a yellow cell phone with Angry Birds.  So I can play every morning."

She'll be waiting for that phone for many years.

12/11--After Caroline used the bathroom today, she threw the toilet paper in and said, "It's going scuba diving!"

12/13--Caroline's commentary from the backseat today, "When this car dies, we should buy a yellow convertible."

12/14--Care Bear was in the bathroom, waiting for me to brush her teeth this evening.  I walked in singing the first line to "Grown Up Christmas List," which was stuck in my head:  "Do you remember me?"  She sung back to me in her fabulous voice, "Of course I do!"

 Phew.  Glad she hasn't forgotten me.

12/15--I was playing pretend kitchen with Caroline and she said, "Do you want some bacon on the cob?  It's yummy.  It tastes like candy." 

12/19--I bought some new "holiday" nail polish that I was all excited about.  It was dark red and sparkly.  I broke it out and painted my nails last night.  When Whit came home from school today, she told me, "You have old lady fingernails."  What???  "In the movies, old ladies always have fingernails like that...and you ARE kind of old."  Ouch.

Old lady nails?

12/24--I was encouraging Whit and Caroline to have a very clean bedroom before they went to sleep tonight.  Whit said, "Why?  Do we have to?  That's not part of Santa's legend.  I never heard that we had to clean our rooms."

12/30--Some days Care Bear likes to disagree with every little thing we say.  Today was one of those days.  We visited Pilot Mountain and afterward were talking about whether or not it was fun.  She said, "I HATE fun!"

The face of a girl who hates fun

12/30--My kids are really into the show Avatar:  The Last Airbender.  It cracks me up to hear Caroline quoting lines from it.  Tonight when we were leaving Wendy's, she pushed open the door and said, "I'm a door bender!"

12/31--Now I know I'm failing my kids nutritionally.  Care Bear just told me, "Marshmallows are my favorite fruit."  D'oh.

Her idea of a nutritious snack

*Random photos of the month*


That's Santa in the stable....interesting.
 Whit's latest building project:
She made one for herself and one for Caroline,
hanging from the top bunk.

And they actually sleep in them!
Sometimes for the whole night.

We got a lettuce knife.
It's plastic and cuts through lettuce really well,
but won't cut W's fingers. (At least not very easily.)
She's become the official lettuce chopper.

This towel display in Target makes me happy.
So pretty and colorful.

This is the parking in front of the big kids' school.
Apparently you must drive a minivan to volunteer there.

ATM's are pretty useless without cash.

B-train found these puddles in the backyard
after a storm.  They form a perfect smiley face!


  1. Caroline is hilarious these days! Cracks me up!

  2. Great post!
    Caroline must love yellow :)

  3. I love all the things she says and her perspective on the world. Reminds me of some Allyisms I've heard around here. And, for the record, I don't think that nail polish is a sign that you're old.

  4. Love the random photos accompanying this month's highlight reel of OOTMOB (that's hard to spell correctly!). Thanks for posting these Andrea!
    Grandma Sw

  5. Caroline seems to have the world figured out pretty much the way most of us would like it to be. Some great quotes. Missed hearing from Brandon...or is he getting too "old" for "cute sayings"?
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. caroline's unhappy face is too funny! and whit's hammocks - creative!! december was a good quote month! : )