Friday, January 6, 2012

Winter sports: Basketball

Brandon started his basketball season last month.  He is playing with the Jamestown Youth League again this year, after playing at his elementary school last year.  Wow, the level of competition is noticeably higher.  He's holding his own in rebounding and blocking.  Andrew is helping coach, which is fun for both of them.  And, his games are played at the middle school he'll attend next year, which is a cool bonus.

Get that rebound!

Another board.

The shot is up!

Going for the block.

Free throw

Talking strategy

Pulling down an offensive board...

and he put it back up for two points.

Get that ball!

Laying it up.

His team is 1-3 so far, but they have had some super close games.  Looking forward to the second half of the season!


  1. Wait Brandon is going to be in middle school next year? AHHH! Where does the time go?!

  2. Glad to see you've all been having fun holidays! I love that picture of the towels at Target b/c everytime I see those towels I think, "Pretty...but who buys the hot pink and bright orange ones?" Maybe they're just for visual effect. All I can think is - the college kids!

  3. That picture of Andrew and Brandon became an instant screen saver! And look at B's follow-through on his foul shot! Way to go buddy!
    Grandma Sweat