Saturday, January 21, 2012

Profile 2012: Whitney

Whitney Amelia
age 7 1/2

Favorite smell:  Lavender

Best subject in school: Art, definitely.

Favorite season: Probably spring because it’s when my birthday is.

One thing you’re really good at:  Drumming

One thing you wish you were better at:  Jump roping

Closest friends:  Ria and Leanne

What scares you the most?  Nothing.

What job do you want when you grow up?  To be the drummer of a famous band

If you could choose a different name, what would it be?  Lillian

What rule in your house would you change if you could? We would have as much video time as we want and we wouldn’t have to do our homework.  We’d have robots to do that.

If you had a million dollars, what would you buy? Candy, paint, and paintbrushes

When will you be a grown up? At 19.

Something that makes me smile when I see it:  A test that I got 100 or more on.

Meal:  Christmas dinner—shrimp, turkey, bacon, and yams
Treat:  Red velvet cheesecake
Game to play:  Ramses Pyramid [a Lego game of Brandon's]
Color:  Red
TV Show:  Avatar--The Last Airbender
Movie:  Avatar--The Last Airbender
Book:  I don’t really have a favorite book.
Animal:  Tiger
Place to go:  Chuck E Cheese’s

Other random notes on Whit:  At school, Whitney's class got changed to a combined 1st/2nd grade room earlier this year.  Andrew and I had our hesitations about the effectiveness of the decision, but it has turned out to be great.  Whit loves it.  She continues to be our artist and spends much of her free time painting, folding paper into animals and hats, coloring, and drawing.  She loves to help me in the kitchen.  She just started her second season of cheerleading and has some friends on her squad.  Just in the past few weeks, she and Brandon have found several things that they enjoy doing together.  It has been so fun to see them PLAYING together instead of just fighting.  (Not that the fighting has stopped altogether.  Darn.)  She used to be very affectionate and lately has been more standoffish with Andrew and I.  Boo.  We miss her hugs.  She loves to laugh and make up jokes, especially around the dinner table.


  1. My favorite tidbit is that she wants to grow up to be a famous drummer in a band. Rock it Whit! She can even do the cover art.

  2. LOL I like that both Whit & Caroline are into art. I wish Leyton was more into art, but I do have fun w/ him & his construction stuff. heh.

    ALSO! It's great that she & Brandon are getting along more & playing together! : )

  3. I had no idea Whit was a closet drummer! If you want to borrow our STOMP dvds let me know. She will love them.

  4. Your kids always have the most creative favorite foods.

  5. Whit you are so talented and artistic. I had no idea you liked the drumming! Did you know that grandma Sweat was the first girl drummer EVER at her High School? I LOVED IT! My goal was just like yours - I wanted to be a drummer in a band! We need to get together when you come to Utah and I'll teach you the one drum cadence I remember. I talked 5 of my friends into being in the drum section with me and we had an all-girl drum section in the concert band. It was right before Home Ec and lots of times you don't play anything when you're a drummer (the music says "Drums Tacit" I remember that to this day). So, when it said "Drums Tacit" for 60 measures, we would HEM OUR SEWING PROJECTS. One person was in charge of counting the measures and we'd put down our sewing and pick up our drumsticks about 5 measures before it was time to play again. I also played the timpanis which was hilarious - I had NO idea what I was doing, but neither did our band teacher so he just let me do it however I liked. Love you!
    Grandma Sweat