Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Profile 2012: Andrew


Notable changes/events in 2011:  Started writing as a Yahoo featured contributor.  Tore my medial meniscus trying to dunk.  My Grandma Rose passed away.

Follow-up from last year's hopes:
No emergency room trips.  (Didn't have any.)
Organizing consistent flag football games with my buddies. (didn't happen)
For the right thing to happen around staying in Greensboro or moving to Dallas  (It did.)
Lots of fun dates with Andrea (definitely),
Seeing the kids be happy as they do their best (yep),
BYU basketball makes a deep tournament run (yep),
The Lakers win another championship (nope),
The Carolina Panthers win more than two games (They definitely did.).  

Hopes for 2012:  That I can dunk again.  Finish writing a book.  Awesome 15th anniversary getaway. 

Favorite sport:  Football

Is really good at:  Cooking eggs

Wishes he was better at:  Exercising

Best part about his job:  The variety

Favorite pastimes:  Fantasy sports, watching sports, writing about sports, and playing tennis with Andrea

Favorite recent reads:  The Punch (about Kermit Washington and Rudy Tomjonavich), The Long Snapper, Surround Yourself with Greatness by Chad Lewis, The Kingdom and the Crown series by Gerald Lund

Favorite restaurant:  Deck House in Carolina Beach

Just started his seventh year as bishop.
Still going strong.


  1. oooh, congrats on 7 years as bishop! what a great calling! : )

  2. I love that you did a post on Andrew. And what is this about a 15 yr anniversary getaway? Sounds like so much fun! Let us know if we can watch Caroline for you!

  3. Thanks for taking such good care of my baby boy!
    Mom Sweat

  4. Have loved all your family profiles! You are all so wonderful -- and Andrea I hope you do a profile on yourself.

  5. Amazed he's on year 7! Obviously he's a great Bishop. You guys have put in some seriou time. That's about half your marriage! Well, glad you are doing so well. Love the profiles of everybody. Maybe there's hope for me that my oldest will mellow out if Brandon has in the past 6 months! Here's hoping!! :)