Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Traditions

At the beginning of December, we sat down as a family and decided which traditions we most wanted to carry on this year.  I didn't want to try to squeeze too much in, but wondered which events were most important to my kids.  Here's what we decided together.


Caroline and I made the house-from-a-kit together.
Whitney went with a square house.
B-train chose a traditional house.
Andrew got creative and designed Rapunzel's tower.


This was a new tradition for us this year.  (Thanks, Shelley, for telling us about it!)  One of the local churches does a drive-through live nativity.  Very cool.



I had fun helping out in Whit's class party.  And was IN CHARGE of Brandon's party for the first time in my mothering career.  It went really well...but was exhausting.  Note to self:  don't wear semi-uncomfortable boots to help with a class party.  Comfort is more important than style in this instance!

I was so happy that we continued our tradition of getting together at Shani's house.
No cookie or book exchange this year.
Just white elephants, delicious food,
and amazing friends.

We have a preschooler again!  So that means we get to watch an adorable preschool Christmas program!

I am a terrible camera woman when it comes to videos.
I was zoomed in too far and couldn't figure out how to fix
my mistake without missing the song.
But you still can feel the Southern flair, right?

We've had so much fun and are giddy with anticipation for tomorrow!


  1. did you get out and pet the camel too? cause that guy is deceivingly HUGE! but very soft. that's my kids' favorite part. that and the angel that's telling mary she will have a son. the girls love her white gloves. ha!

    and doesn't that girl with the long blonde hair that is right in front of caroline in the last picture look just like shae? seriously!

    so i guess being a show pony doesn't always pay. have i seen these adorably uncomfortable boots?

  2. Shelley--
    No, we were running late for the Survivor finale, so we didn't have time to get out and pet the camel. Or even take a picture of it. Boo. Maybe next year.

    YES, that girl TOTALLY reminds me of Shaelyn.

    My feet were sore for the next TWO DAYS.

  3. What fun traditions! I have yet to attempt any gingerbread houses in my mothering career, and seeing as how Ethan will be 16 next year? Perhaps that ship has sailed.

    Tonight we're having our "traditional" Christmas Eve dinner that I've carried on from the Sweat side of the family: shrimp and macaroni and cheese (and scones, our addition) by candle light. Woop!

  4. That live nativity looks so cool! You will have to let me know about if for next year!

  5. Ang--We're having shrimp, too!

  6. We did not carry on the shrimp tradition...however, we are having mac & cheese with ham and pineapple by candlelight.

    Love the Southern flair in the preschool program!

  7. Get down! you pre-schoolers. They know how to boogey. Love it. Merry Christmas!

  8. What great traditions, and I love how you asked the kids which ones were the most important to them. Happy, happy New Year to all of you!