Thursday, December 8, 2011

Disney on Ice

The girls and I had a magical evening at Disney on Ice.  We LOVED it.  They didn't allow me to take my SLR in.  (Something I wish I would have known before I walked all the way from the car to the Coliseum!)  So, these are the best pics I could get with my point and shoot.

All dressed up and ready to go!
They told the stories of three princesses.
 First up, Tiana.
I don't really care for this story.
They had a couple of fun, jazzy songs, though.

Second:  Cinderella
The stepsisters were funny.
And spent lots of time bumping into each other.
And falling down.

With her mouse friends and fairy godmother.

Dancing with her prince.
 Third (and easily my favorite):  Rapunzel!
Mother knows best.

Maximus and Flynn


How many people can say they ice skate while holding a frying pan?

The floating lanterns.

Flynn and the post-haircut Rapunzel.

At the end, ALL the Disney princesses come out 
dressed in these gorgeous white and gold dresses,
skating with their princes.
What a finale!

And for some reason, seeing Mickey and Minnie there
TOTALLY made me want to go to Disney World!

As an added bonus, Caroline and I got to attend a
Royal Reading storytime at the library,
where she got to meet...

 She (of course) wore her pink cowgirl boots for the occasion.

And now I REALLY want to go to Disney World
and get caught up in the magic of that place.
When I came home and told Andrew, he said,
"Well...we should be getting a tax refund soon..."


  1. woot!! cuute pictures! : ) and disney world is SO MUCH FUN! all the kids would love it. big and small!

  2. I remember as a kid thinking that it was only really rich people who got to go see Disney on Ice (or maybe when I was a kid it was the Icecapades?). I'm so glad it was fun! And I'm a sucker for Disneyland/World. I hope you put that tax return to good use. :-)

  3. So fun! I need to take my girls the next time it comes here.

  4. SLR is not allowed? What is the logic? Just wondering...

  5. Jayne--I wish I knew! The only thing I can think is that they don't want professional quality photos floating all over the internet?? Or maybe they're worried that someone will try to sell those higher-quality shots?