Friday, December 16, 2011

Funniest Double Date

We don't go on double dates very often.  We seem to make plans last minute.  And often just want to play tennis with the two of us.  But when I heard that Brian Regan was coming to town, I begged Shelley and Michael to join us.  We are all big fans and I wanted to share the experience with them.  And they were up for the adventure.  Woo hoo!

First we went to dinner at Leblon, a Brazilian steakhouse.

Michael and Andrew were in heaven.  
Shelley enjoyed it. 

I felt like I was on a dare.
See?  There's meat on my fork.
And I ate it.

The show was exactly what I hoped it would be.  It was so funny that my face and abs hurt from laughing when we left.  It was good, clean humor, too.  So hard to find. 

In case you haven't heard of him, here are a couple little clips to whet your appetite.  He has some DVD's out that are great.

I walked on the moon!

And one of Shelley's and my favorites:

Dumb ol' donkeys.

If you go to youtube, you can also look up his emergency room and flying routines.  They are longer, but crack me up.

Joe Bolster was his opening act.  And he was ALSO hilarious and clean.

Random moments from the night that I want to remember:

*Two huge guys standing outside the restaurant that looked like bouncers.

*The decision that Michael and I would make a great Amazing Race team, while Andrew and Shelley would be defeated by a 12-foot-ladder challenge.

*I am the robot wife with an inner GPS.

*The little stalls in the bathrooms that you can see over.  Awkward!

*The wild jaguar in someone's car.  "You can't plan for that."

*Putting lights on the Christmas tree.  "That's a geometry problem that I just can't solve."  "This dark area represents our difficult times."

*Marching band.  "The flute player came up with this!"  "You don't see marching accountants."

*Chess compared to football.  "Look at how your safety's lined up.  Six points!"

*Ailing health "Well, I guess my hips gonna hurt....forever."

*Unicorn hair!

*The failed joke about artists and Brian rolling all over the stage.

*Center your beverage!


  1. hah! thanks for posting clips, he is hilarious! and as to little stalls in the bathroom - iowa rest areas. the older ones along I-80 have SHORT stalls. i'm only like 5'5"/6" & have to duck down so i am not eye to eye w/ my stall neighbor. crazy!!

  2. Disney on Ice AND Brian Reagan? You guys ROCK. He is my favorite - I remember Forrest and Angie playing us a clip about choosing ice cream and I have been a fan ever since!
    Mom S