Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tennis date

On one of our other days of Thanksgiving break, we took the kids up to the park.  Andrew and I played tennis.  The kids ran around, played on the playground, colored, rode bikes...and followed in their mom's footsteps by acting as our sports photographers.  And they did great!  They're naturals.

A couple of Whitney's artistic shots:

How our matches always end:
with a smooch over the net.  :)


  1. You guys are so cute that you play tennis together :).

  2. The 7th picture looks like Andrew is trying his hand at planking! Love the pics

    Toni W

  3. I like the picture of Andrew drinking out of the sports bottle - It's how he must look from Whitney's perspective!
    I remember when he was a teenager and growing, I once actually SAW him grow while he was standing in our kitchen. Seriously!
    Grandma S

  4. I love that your kids self-entertain like that! And all those clear action shots! I'm so impressed. YOu guys are super cute! Laurie B

  5. They are naturals with the camera. Your little ones got some great action shots! What a nice LONG fall to enjoy being outside.